Rush picks a fight with Rand Paul -

Rush picks a fight with Rand Paul

Canadian band won’t allow Tea Party candidate to use their songs


Rand Paul, the libertarian Tea Party candidate for a U.S. Senate seat, has been handed a cease and desist letter from the rock band Rush. Turns out the Canadian musicians don’t want their songs, including “The Spirit of Radio” and “Tom Sawyer,” played on the campaign trail and in fundraising videos. “The public performance of Rush’s music is not licensed for political purposes: any public venue which allows such use is in breach of its public performance license and also liable for copyright infringement,” Rush’s lawyer Robert Farmer said in his letter to the campaign. Already Farmer has had YouTube disable the audio on one video.

Louisville Courier-Journal

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Rush picks a fight with Rand Paul

  1. This is interesting. I am sure they chose Rush because Neal Peart, as the group's lyricist, is identified as being a fan of Ayn Rand and her writings.

    Peart himself has both said that he was inspired by her writings for some of his lyrics but he also says he has no real ideology and that if he is anything then he is a leftish libertarian.

  2. Two awful entities don't want anything to do with each other
    Everybody wins!

    • Hey Oliver….Rush is FAR from an awful entity and have done more Canada in terms of music, charity, etc. then you probably have in your whole life. As for this douche politician… Yet another idiot robbing the tax payer,and now musician. Funny how politicians will back the RIAA and "defend" copyright… And then use whatever they want for political gain. Long history of republicans doing this crap!

  3. Wait, wait, wait.. the guy who's promoting the ultimate sanctity of private contract has taken somebody else's private work.. without contract?

    Boy, it's a good thing for Rand Paul that Rush isn't helmed by Howard Roark..

  4. Neal is a libertarian, and Rand is not, so why let him steal music for his Republican ends?

    • since there are limited parties often libertarians can be thought of as republican or extreme liberal ..the teabaggers sound more like republicans but i would vote for them before the social conservative right.. but of course, being canadian i can't vote

  5. Neal is no libertarian.. he is obviously a liberal. Why give this group any air time when they dont' deserve it?

    • Rush has more fans than Rand Paul ..why give Rand Paul any airtime? he is really a Republican in disguise and not a true Libertarian…just like all the others in the teabagger movement