Russia cuts natural gas deliveries to Belarus -

Russia cuts natural gas deliveries to Belarus

Medvedev: “Gazprom cannot accept payment for debt in pies, butter, cheese or other means of payment”


Russia President Dmitri Medvedev on Monday announced his decision to cut deliveries of national gas to Belarus, citing unpaid debts. He ordered Gazprom to reduce its supplies, a step which could affect up to 20 percent of Europe’s gas supplies. The decision comes at a tense time: Belarus has offered a safe haven to the former president of Kyrgyzstan and is the only member who has refused to sign off on stabilization measures for the country.

New York Times

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Russia cuts natural gas deliveries to Belarus

  1. Guys, are you real Canadians? Dont you see what is going on with the company GazProm Corp. Canada nowadays? How can you sleep so quietly? Do something for your country and people that live nearby. We should support our identity and the identity of the company that Russians try to take from us. That Russian company wants to replace our national enterprise and we cant just stare at the situation that is happening in Canada. Lets unite and make a wall to all the people from other countries who try to kill our national property and concepts. Drive these inveterate rogues away from Canada and its companies!

    • What are they hinting at? That our country is so weak that it can easily give away a great company just for nothing? Just because some bitchy Russian mafia jerks turned up having the same name for their shitty company? It's stupid!