Russia says plane carrying Polish president had no problems

Pilot error suspected in crash


The Soviet-made plane that crashed and killed Polish President Lech Kaczynski and dozens of political, military and religious leaders did not have any technical or other problems, say Russian investigators. The deadly crash, which killed all 96 people aboard the Tu-154, occurred Saturday as the pilot was trying to land at Smolensk airport in western Russia in the midst of dense fog. “The readings confirm that there were no problems with the plane,” said Russian Deputy Prosecutor General Alexander Bastrykin, “and that the pilot was informed about the difficult weather conditions, but nevertheless decided to land.”

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Russia says plane carrying Polish president had no problems

  1. thats probably because it was shot down by the damn Kremlin…

    • Really? Here we go with conspiracy theories. Read “Prince” by Machiavelli!

      • but a conspiracy theory is hardly unwarranted at this time. funny. the entire polish elite killed in a single plane crash over Russia. and now the Kremlin says there were 'no problems'. there is much reason to be very suspicious.

  2. staburn President. Isn't it 3rd instance where he wanted to land no matter what?

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