Russian billionaire puts anti-photo shield on yacht

Lasers fire light at cameras to obliterate all photographs


With its two helipads, two swimming pools, and six-foot movie screens in each guest cabin—along with a mini-submarine, and missile-proof windows to foil pirates—Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich’s oversized yacht is a sight to be hold. But that’s not all. The 557-foot boat Eclipse, worth almost $1.2 billion, also features an anti-paparazzi shield. Lasers sweep the surroundings, firing bolts of light at cameras to obliterate photographs. They don’t always have the lasers on, Wired reports, so friends can still photograph the yacht; but they’re activated when professional photographers are spotted nearby. One London lawyer suggested this might not be legal: “Intermeddling with goods belonging to someone else, or altering their condition, is a trespass to goods and will entitle the photographer to claim compensation without having to prove loss,” he said.


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Russian billionaire puts anti-photo shield on yacht

  1. The more serious problem is that this poses a safety hazard. A laser powerful enough to ruin film is quite possibly also powerful enough to damage your retina, in which case he's essentially assaulting anyone who comes within view holding a camera.

  2. i bet he also has sharks with fricken laser beams

  3. i guess no one has a right to privacy anymore. if the paparazzi is interested in photographing you on your "private" property, you should probably also lay out a buffet for them.

    the article stated that the lasers are turned on when 'professional' photographers are observed in the vicinity…"but they're activated when professional photographers are spotted nearby".

    it is a sad time when you are unable to enjoy some downtime without ANY sort of disturbance, especially INTRUSIVE stuff like 'professional' photographers hoping to make money off your life/life style.

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