Russian president fires mayor of Moscow -

Russian president fires mayor of Moscow

Local mayor was closely associated with Putin


Russian President Dmitri Medvedev has fired his longtime political nemesis, Moscow major Yuri Luzhkov. One of the last of the Yeltsin guard, Luzhkov has ruled Moscow since 1992 and is closely associated with Russian PM Vladimir Putin. Medvedev seized his opportunity after Lezhkov publicly criticized a decision of his. Following a highly publicized dispute, Medvedev announced from China that he was dismissing the mayor. Boris N. Nemtsov, a member of Russia’s democratic opposition, told the Washington Post the decision to can Luzhkov “means that Medvedev has a chance to be a real president.”

Washington Post

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Russian president fires mayor of Moscow

  1. This event is scam ! 100% russian political theater for the gullible people.
    Luzhkov and Medvedev are "one team" and Luzhkov leave his place by his own decision.
    It's very very simple – russian "officials mafia" have wild fear for what they have done in the country.
    And they fear of retribution.

  2. Well put Comrade, you will be rewarded handsomely for your opinion…..