Russian soldiers stole bank card of Polish crash victim -

Russian soldiers stole bank card of Polish crash victim

They were supposed to be guarding the plane that went down carrying Polish president and other dignitaries


The accusation was so gruesome Russia’s Interior Ministry denied it as “blasphemous and cynical.” But on Tuesday morning Moscow admitted it was true: four Russian soldiers assigned in April to guard the perimeter around the rubble from a crashed Polish jetliner instead snuck into the wreckage and stole a dead man’s bank card. They didn’t even waste any time: less than three hours after the crash, the card had been used to buy booze and snacks. Poland and Russia (this is a historic understatement) don’t always get along. Both sides had been handling the crash of an airliner that carried Polish President Lech Kaczynski and dozens of other dignitaries with rare grace and concord. Until this.

New York Times

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Russian soldiers stole bank card of Polish crash victim

  1. These men should be handed over to Polish authorities for a court martial. This is despicable.

    • They can't be court martial, courts martial only has the authority over their own forces or prisoners of war. Also, the event took place on Russian soil, hence Russian jurisdiction.

  2. It's sad that it happened, but I'm not at all surprised that it did.

  3. Simply disgusting!

  4. If they stole from the dead bodies, who did they sell evidence to?

    This calls into question the chain of custody of all of the evidence. Analyst Bluepapers blog has some April and May blog posts that do some digging into Putin's conflict of interest in being the head investigator because of a relationship to the owner of the plant that upgraded the Polish Tu0154. Also, the blog goes into how the Russian Interstate Aviation Committee has a history of some irregular investigative findings about black boxes. There's more, so I'll just link you there: