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Ryan Jenkins found dead

Fugitive sought in murder of bikini model turns up in a Hope, B.C., motel room


The search for Ryan Jenkins is over. Jenkins, the former reality TV contestant sought in the gruesome murder of his ex-wife, was found Sunday morning, hanging from a belt in a motel room in Hope, B.C. The beaten and mutilated body of Jasmine Fiore was found near Los Angeles, Calif., just over a week ago. Shortly thereafter, Jenkins was identified as a person of interest in the case. Originally from Calgary, he was the subject of a North American manhunt before a motel manager in Hope decided to check on a guest who had not checked out as scheduled. According to the manager of the Thunderbird Motel, Jenkins may have been checked in by an as-yet-unidentified woman. Jenkins’ mother, Nada, continues to maintain his innocence. “I think he panicked, my little boy, and we had to protect him, even now that he’s dead,” she said.

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Ryan Jenkins found dead

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