Saguenay mayor won’t ban prayer from council meeting

Jean Tremblay will appeal Human Rights Tribunal ruling barring religious symbols from council chambers


Saguenay Mayor Jean Tremblay says he has no intention of abiding by a Quebec Human Rights Tribunal ruling ordering an end to the city council’s pre-meeting prayer and the removal of a crucifix and a two-foot-high statue of the Sacred Heart from its chambers. “I am the first mayor in the history of the world to be punished for reciting a prayer,” he told The Globe and Mail, adding he would challenge the decision in court. (Tremblay is asking for donations to pay for the appeal rather than using public funds.) Last Friday’s ruling came as a result of a resident’s complaint the prayer violated his freedom of conscience. He awarded him $30,000 in damages.

The Globe and Mail

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Saguenay mayor won’t ban prayer from council meeting

  1. Good for him! Christians rights' are being trampled in the name of "tolerance" and it's about time we stood up for ourselves! I'll support his cause!

  2. where can we send the money?Itwo have had quite enough of these secular bigots

  3. Pushing one mythological belief over other equally unbelievable mythological beliefs seems rather ridiculous but that is not the point. Prayer has no place in government at any level. Separation of Church and State means the state should be indifferent as to people's ideological preferences. You are free to pray in your church, your home , alone, with like minded friends but you cannot impose it on all the others who do not share your particular belief.

    • It'll be interesting to hear what you have to say 15-20 years from now when Shariah law takes effect in this country.

      • There is no chance Sharia law will take effect in Canada….be serious.

        • Meh, starts with arbitration.

        • No Emily – you be serious. Have you seen Mouselim birthrates recently. You have been warned.

          • Like I said…be serious.

          • Why are you always against religion, and in particular the Christian faith?

          • Emily you should become educated so you know what you are talking about.

  4. Good for him and he has my support here in Ontario. I am tired of having my rights trampled on by these groups. If you don't want to listen tot he prayer get up and leave. Human Rights Organizations are a farce. Politically correct minions.

    Where can money be sent to. Quebec certainly stands out in these days the only Province with enough guts to say enough is enough.

  5. LOL….former Saguenay Mayor Jean Tremblay

  6. Apparently, Jean Tremblay is a throwback to a time when every educated man in La Belle Province was either a doctor, a lawyer or a priest, with the first two mostly likely being Anglos while the third was most likely from another French-speaking country like France, Belgium or Switzerland. Tremblay doesn't seem to realize that the Quiet Revolution has passed him by. The Parti Quebecois and the Bloc Quebecois sought not only separate Quebec from the rest of Canada but also from the Catholic Church. But eagles do not stoop to catching flies. If municipal buildings in Quebec or anywhere else in Canada want to have Christmas trees and crèches at Christmas time, what harm is there in that? Just because a town has a forty-metre Christmas tree, it doesn't mean that its people believe in a forty-metre Jesus.

    • Well Xmas trees aren't christian, but a crèche certainly is….and why should everybody else pay for that?

    • The PQ and the BQ have done more than what you say. They have effectively bankrupted QC

  7. Who are the a-holes on the so-called 'human rights' tribunal. Who put them there. What are their politics as well as those of those who appointed them. This is outrageous. Ban this crackpot group. Multiculturalism is gonna destroy Canada. It will be too late when people wake up. The world has gone mad.

    • The world is multicultural, and it's globalizing.

      • Sorry thumb-monkeys, it's reality…get used to it.

        • Look to Europe Union and the rise of its far-right political groups. The policy of multi-culturalism is failing. Now even populist and right of centre governments such as France and Germany are distancing themselves from it. Canada would be wise to do the same.

  8. $30,000 for hearing a prayer he didnt want to hear?

    Holy cr@p! I think that makes me entitled to 2 $billion for all the nonsense ive been exposed to as a kid.

    At least $100,000,000 for being exposed to the Church of Environmentalism!

    And a minimum of $500,000,000 for being exposed to the Church of Multiculturalism.

    And a cool billion for being exposed to the Church of Feminazism!

    I will be filing my human rights complaint this morning.

    • I hope you accept Zimbabwean dollars at par.

      • Of course I do, after all, human rights commissions dish out zimbabwean justice, so it's only natural that their awards be made in zimbabwean dollars.

  9. I knew it! The secularists are working with sharia law proponents to replace secular laws with religious laws.

    It's so crazy it has to be true.

  10. The ban is bad enough, but the order to "compensate" the complainant to the tune of $30,000 is downright wicked. Yet the Human Rights fanatics apply such penalities with glee – because they know that sums like that frighten most people into keeping silent.

    They've already tried to frighten Macleans and Mark Steyn – but Macleans and Mark Steyn had the resources to fight back – though it still cost them a LOT of money.

    Think about it – if they have their way, people like US may soon be slapped with penalties like that for posting a comment in this blog.

  11. Church and state are strictly separate in Canada. To all the people stuck in the 19th century, your rights are not being violated by forcing a public institution to remove a religious prayer from a public meeting, get a grip with reality please. I will go so far as to argue that the time taken for this prayer is public money being wasted on paying wages of the council members to conduct their prayer time. My tax dollars are not to pay for your religious activities. Good day to you.

    • Joel – You want to prevent a Mayor saying a 20 or 30 second prayer "because you are paying for it"? That's so petty and absurd as to be manifestly ridiculous: from the way you talk, a church ought not to be allowed to connect a washroom to a public sewer – "because your tax dollars help pay for the sewerage system".

      As for your reference to people being "stuck in the 19th century", your thinking is as out of date as that of medieval Islamic fanatics who throw stones at women for showing a bit too much bare ankle. It's like the mindsets of primitive tribes that invent taboos and take them seriously.

      • Separation of church and state. Live with it.

      • Yes Herbert, that's exactly what I want. Why? Because like I mentioned before, church and state are strictly separate in Canada. No matter how petty this viewpoint of mine may seem, this ridiculous view of mine is 100% correct for a fully functioning multi-cultural society. Why is this concept so difficult for you to grasp? Also, a church connected to a public sewer pays a sewage fee, just like everyone else. I assume the members of the church pay this via their tithe. If the church does not pay a sewage fee due to its status of a church, this is also is a flaw in the application of Separation of Church and State. Your logic is very poor.

        Secondly, your poorly used straw-man rebuttal about my reference on being "stuck in the 19th century" is comical. . If the concept of straw-man escapes you, it's time to pick up a book and do some reading on how to logically refute an argument without a fallacy.

        I say good day to you.

  12. $30,000? Seriously? $500 is a lot of money for a speeding ticket or any other kind of civic fine… thirty GRAND, because someone got his knickers in a knot over a 30 second prayer that he wasn't required to even be present for?

    The separation of church and state is designed to protect *each* group from potential harm from one another, as well as to protect the people from either the church claiming holy power in administering the laws of the land, or conversely, the state determining how, when and if you should worship. It does not necessarily follow that prayer must be forbidden in a government place or that Catholics must never discuss politics in their pews.

    90% of the region's constituents are Catholic, and the rest of the councillors seem pretty a-ok with the opening prayer.
    This is yet another example of a human rights' tribunal attempting to silence the majority in order to accommodate the minority (in this case, ONE).

    Thank-you for taking a stand, M. Tremblay.

    • If everytime you went to a public event they insisted on haviing a Muslim prayer….would you, as a christian taxpayer, like it?

      How about a Hindu prayer, a Jewish prayer, a Buddhist prayer?

      How about if you were atheist, and didn't want to listen to ANY of it?

      Would you feel included, or excluded from that little group?

      Think before you post.

  13. Emily usually does not have time to think before she posts, because she is too busy posting other irrational comments to rational comments.

  14. Why pre meeting prayer and removal of the crucifix and the statue of the sacred heart from its chambers becomes issue. I think it is not fair to remove this. If the donations can help, then let extend our help.