… Same as the old (Liberal) boss


Despite their new leader’s big talk about the Liberal caucus ceasing to sit on its hands while the Tories steamroll parliament, Ignatieff’s people aren’t exactly fulfilling their constitutionally-defined role of officially opposing the government of the day. As Glen McGregor reports today, this government-in-waiting seems to be still waiting for something to object to:

OTTAWA — Despite leader Michael Ignatieff’s vow that his party would no longer sit on its hands during votes in Parliament, Liberal MPs have missed three times as many votes in the House of Commons as Conservative members so far this year.

The average Liberal MP did not participate in about 12 per cent of the recorded votes on bills and motions in the House of Commons since the parliamentary session began in January, compared to Tory MPs, who on average skipped four per cent, a Citizen analysis shows.

The Liberals posted the worst record for voting of the four parties in the House, standing to be counted fewer times on average than even Bloc Québécois MPs.

And when Liberal MPs did show up, they voted the same way as the Conservatives 79 per cent of the time.


… Same as the old (Liberal) boss

  1. Glen McGregor seems one of the better journalists in Ottawa.

  2. What I am really looking forward to is this fall. let’s face it folks what will happen is that there is going to be a raft of legislation descending upon Liberal heads that will have the Obama seal of approval and then how are the LPC going to vote. This will espeically frustrating as no doubt by then the party hardliners will worn out Iggy’s blackberry demanding to go to the polls. Did I read that right right? The Lib’s have the poorest attendance at votes? that surpises me a little bit but then again all talk no action same o same o!

    • Are you confirming for us then that Harper has indeed run out of his own ideas and forfeited Canadian governing to Obama?

      • Quite the reverse maybe Stevie boy was just waiting for Obama to win and the roll up the rim as they say – who knows but that is not the point … the point here is = how are the LPC to vote or as usual as the case seems to be NOT vote as it were. LMAO

        • First it was a claim that they would have a “Made in Canada” environmental policy; now Harper and Prentice can’t do anything until Obama gives them the green light and tells them what to do.

          First it was a claim that Canada would never have a recession because our economy was sufficiently separate and independent from the American economy; now we will never get out of the recession until Obama makes some banking fixes.

          First it was a claim that Canada’s banks were the problem because they were not freeing up enough capital; now the Liberal-enacted banking regime should be the model to the world.

          It would be one thing if this transformation had taken place over a decade or so, but this has taken place over a few months. Clearly the Cons have realized their government needs a buoy to keep them afloat, so why not one made in America?

  3. If your going to be keeping feet to the fire it’s advisable to be where the feet are.

    • Well said!

  4. On March 12, there was a vote on an NDP motion to delete clause 33 of bill C-2 – which ratifies the free trade agreement between Canada, Norway, Iceland, and Switzerland/Leichtenstein. The section in question is highly technical, and attracted some controversy because there wasn’t an indepth study of how removing trade tariffs would affect the Canadian economy. However, these types of agreements are nothing new and the trade we have with those countries isn’t massive in the scheme of things.

    228 members showed up to vote on the amendment, which you can bet only those who were on the committee understood even in the slightest. The NDP motion was defeated 201 to 27.

    This probably doesn’t bother you. Even if it does, ask yourself whether it would bother you less if it was defeated 280 to 27.

    But, apparently, if this happens enough times its a front page story.

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