Samsung beats Apple in smartphone sales -

Samsung beats Apple in smartphone sales

South Korean tech giant now the world’s top smartphone maker


Samsung Electronics Co. overtook Apple Inc. as the world’s biggest smartphone vendor in the third quarter of this year. The South Korean tech behemoth sold 27.8 million smartphones between July and September, a 44 per cent jump in shipments, whereas Apple’s iPhone sales were at 17.1 million, a 16 per cent drop from the previous quarter. Samsung’s share of the global smartphone market is now at 23.8, compared to Apple’s 14.6 per cent. Analysts largely attributed the upset to Samsung’s decision to turn to Google Inc.’s Android software for its Galaxy smartphones, and consumers’ decision to hold off on new iPhone purchases until the October launch of the iPhone 4S.



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Samsung beats Apple in smartphone sales

  1. …and the difference between shipping to retailers and selling to consumers is…?

  2. Not that I have any inclinations towards Apple Fanboyisms but I’d be curious to see what would be the share of growth per smartphone model, because Samsung has many smartphone models but Apple has only one smartphone: the iWanttohavethesameaseverybody.

  3. Also to be considered is the number of different types of phones Samsung sell vs. the iPhone.

  4. And the fanboy excuses start.

    But…but…but…my Iphone makes me cool!