Sarah Burke’s family may face steep medical bills

The late superpipe ski pioneer’s medical costs are not covered by Canadian Freestyle Ski association insurance


The family of freestyle ski phenomenon Sarah Burke, who died on Thursday after an accident sustained during practice for a superpipe event, may face bills exceeding $550,000 for medical care Burke received in the U.S., according to Postmedia. Burke was critically injured in Park City, Utah, and later died in a hospital in Salt Lake City. She was 29. While the Canadian Freestyle Ski Association, of which Burke was a member, carries insurance for its athletes, it does not cover events outside its own progam. The event Burke was training for was sponsored by Monster Energy and not sanctioned by CFSA. Peter Judge, CEO of the CFSA, said Burke was widely seen as the face of freestyle skiing: “She was at the forefront of the sport all the way through.” He added that there may be “portals and avenues” for CFSA assistance, and that the Canadian and International Olympic Committees and the Russian Ski Federation had offered assistance. In the meantime, Burke’s publicity team has established a website, www.giveforward.com/sarahburke to raise funds to help cover the medical bills.


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Sarah Burke’s family may face steep medical bills

  1. I wonder why she didn’t carry insurance herself. Personally, I wouldn’t go across the border without travel insurance, and I’m not engaging in extreme sports.

    On the other hand, perhaps the activity she was participating in would have voided any personal insurance she could have gotten.

    Such a sad position for her family to be in.

    • People are often under a misconception that their Canadian healthcare offers benefits when they travel.  Alberta healthcare does offer $100.00 per day but that is NOTHING if you are hospitalized in the US.  I know someone who had to visit the ER and the bill was $2,300.00.  I also know an elderly US lady who was hit by a car and lost her house and everything despite the fact that she was on medicare which paid 80 percent of her medical bills.  Meanwhile the driver who had struck her down in a crosswalk, sued her…just to tie things up in court until she passed away.

  2. wonder if monster energy is going to step up to the plate (maybe go on their facebook page and stir up some PR sh*t) esp given how much they MAKE off these young atheletes…this could be PR disaster for them.

  3. well I guess if it was A MONSTER DRINK SPONSORED EVENT……they should be responsible

  4. Anybody going to the USA should realise that Health Care is a money making endeavour, care for human beings is secondary.  Your first question should be am I covered for whatever happens. If you don’t get a resounding yes in writing, then you are a source of income for the insurance and administrative vampires for whom the US healthcare industry exists.
    They don’t care if you die or suffer as long as they can empty your pockets.

    • Harebell, I am really curious as to your mind set??? if one gets ill, and goes to the Hospital or emergency room, Who should pay the Bill???? Should we have insurance?  These should be short answers and to the point I would hope…. Thank you for your thoughts…..

      • Oooh If only the “short answer” was the right one.
        How do you define insurance?
        In the UK it is a government scheme paid for by the working people and covers everyone. In Canada it is that topped up by provincial or private schemes and covers everyone. In the US it is a way to make money while refusing to treat as many people as possible and doesn’t cover everyone.Even those who have paid premiums.
        So my question in return is “how do you define insurance?”

  5. And you think that the Canadian style, socialistic Obamacare is going to be the answer?

    • Yes

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