Sarah Palin in final talks for reality TV show

Sarah Palin’s Alaska would feature northern state’s great outdoors


You wonder if Alaskans are getting worried by the degree to which Sarah Palin defines their state in the minds of outsiders. The former governor is now reportedly close to a deal with Discovery Channel for a travelogue-style reality show, in which she will guide viewers around the Alaskan outdoors. Super-producer Mark Burnett (Survivor, The Apprentice) is behind the project, and plans to shoot the series in high definition. The question now is whether it will be worth the cost. Palin is reportedly asking something in the range of $1.2 million per episode, and Discovery was forced into a bidding war with rival A&E Networks for the program, which is conceived as a pricey, high-end production.

The Hollywood Reporter

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Sarah Palin in final talks for reality TV show

  1. I will never watch the Discovery channel ever. Palin is an incompetent idiot. The people that will watch will be the mindless folk of the Nationall Inquirer brand. Any one for another special on Nostradamous? There is one born every day. The dumbing down of America has reached epic proportions.

  2. Uh, isn't this the same woman that authorized shooting wolves from helicopters and killing wolf pups in their dens? That's what qualifies you to host a nature show on the Discovery Channel?

    Hey David Suzuki, you should take some notes.

    • Jeff — so right – they could call it " HUNTIN' WITH SARAH"
      Should someone tell the Discovery Channel execs ?

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