Sarah Palin to step down

The Alaska governor will leave her job later this month


Alaska Governor Sarah Palin unexpectedly announced on Friday that she would step down from the job effective July 26. Though the former vice-presidential candidate said she was returning to private life, her decision to relinquish the governorship will further stoke speculation Palin is preparing a bid for the 2012 presidential race. However, the adviser who recruited her to run alongside John McCain wasn’t convinced by the timing of Palin’s announcement. “We’ve seen a lot of nutty behavior from governors and Republican leaders in the last three months,” says John Weaver, a longtime friend of McCain’s, “but this one is at the top of that.”

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Sarah Palin to step down

  1. Those thaat love her are going to blame the left-wing media and McCain and his gang of backstabbers while those that are afraid of her will say she folded. At the end of the day it is just going to widen the gap further between the left and the right.

    • Not sure that Palin's resignation results in a wider gap between left and right; that outcome seems more likely if she had stayed in the spotlight, or if she returns to the spotlight at some future date.

  2. Abandoning her Chief Executive post while ethics investigations continue does not confidence build. Will she take any and all opportunities from here on out to speak in the media she so loves to criticize? 'You betcha!'

  3. Just another ploy for attention from that neocon nutjob hypocrit. I hope she keeps shooting her mouth off like limbaugh and o'rilley so the gullible American voter is never allowed to forget where their politics of division and hatred, spewed by that bunch, has lead their country to. Financial ruin and extermination of the middle class while a few neocons became billionaires. A bankrupt government as those clowns kept insisting that ever lower tax rates would mysteriously raise more revenue. Well, that all worked well, didn't it? Not even mentioning the mess in Iraq, from which America is now withdrawing. Mission accomplished I guess. Cheers

    • so the gullible American voter is never allowed to forget where their politics of division and hatred, spewed by that bunch

      Right…like suggesting a 14 year old girl be knocked up. Like taking shots at infant children with Down's Syndrome. Oh wait…that's the other bunch.

      Here's a good guideline to those with Palin Derangement Syndrome…if you can't make a case against Sarah Palin without trashing her kids, you have no case.

      • I never mentioned anyone's children. She dragged the whole family on to center stage as props for her neocon "family values" lesson. When the whole bunch were found lacking(and I'm talking morality, nothing else), it blew up on them. Palin has no one to blame but herself. My argument was based solely on the facts, over two decades of right wing policies which have done more damage to America than the "red menace", "terrorism" or what ever boogie man of the day could be troted out to keep people voting for for Republicans like W, with his henchmen Chaney and Rumsfeld(draft dogers, one and all, by the way). God, I hope the Alaska hillbilly is the next candidate, Obama will be having a battle of wits with an unarmed person. Perhaps with this new time on her hands, she might read a book, or look at a map, to see where all those weird foreigners come from. Cheers.

        • So wayne, are Obama's children props too? 'Cause they've been dragged onto many stages as well. Would it be acceptable to make jokes about them? And what moral failing are you refering to, other than an accidental pregnancy? What has Trig Palin done to deserve being mocked and ridiculed in the left wing press?

          You made the point that Conservatives practice the politics of hatred and division. I'm sorry, but after watching multiple left wing media types take aim at a special needs infant, and the rest of the left wingers like yourself and Jack Mitchell and millions of others stand idly by and say that the kids deserve it because of who their mother is, no-one from that side of the political spectrum has any right to talk about their side's moral superiority when it comes to the politics of hate. The attacks on Trig Palin are the most disgusting thing I've ever seen in politics and political media coverage, and have exposed the truly nasty streak that hides under the "progressive" left.