Sarah Palin will run in 2012 -

Sarah Palin will run in 2012

“If there’s nobody else,” she says.


Sarah Palin, who ran alongside John McCain in the last U.S. presidential race, says she’ll run against Obama in 2012, “if there’s nobody else to do it.” She made the announcement on Entertainment Tonight, an unlikely venue for announcing presidential ambitions. Palin is considered a favorite of the right-wing Tea Party movement, which calls for smaller government and strict interpretations of the U.S. Constitution. “It’s going to entail a discussion with my family and a real close look at the lay of the land, to consider whether there are those with that common sense, conservative, pro-Constitution passion,” she told ET. Karl Rove, a top Republican party strategist told the Daily Telegraph that she would be an unsuitable candidate, citing her decision to appear in a recent reality TV show filmed in Alaska. Political strategists say former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney, former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee, and former house speaker Newt Gingrich are her most likely opponents for the 2012 Republican nomination.

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Sarah Palin will run in 2012

  1. Sarah Palin is the Homer Simpson of the little red nu-cu-lar button.

    "Which one is it? Which one is it? Eenie-meenie-minee-moe, this one goes to a Russian home…!"

    • She is a scary individual but she wont get in, no matter how much publicity she gets!

      • How about if they put Donald Trump as her running mate ? Now were talkin……

        • Hahaha, that would be funny, but I think he would kill her at some point!

  2. You're mischaracterizing Obama. But more importantly, you're mischaracterizing Lisa Simpson! Lisa is no chump– she sticks up for herself, her friends and her family when it's important. She speaks up against the abuse of power. She'd tell Putin and Ahmedinejad where to go all right. But she doesn't go looking for trouble.

  3. Please let there be somebody else. She needs to decide if she wants to be a celebrity or a politician. I think she's more suited to the former. I mean, not really, but more suited to the former than the latter.

  4. Sarah Palin would make a great President of the United States. Policies she implemented in Alaska always took into account the long-term interests of the people of Alaska. When she became Governor there she kicked the butts of the oil companies, insurance companies, the old establishment political network and of course her political opponents. Sarah Palin would bring the kind of change to the White House that people thought they were voting for when they elected the current President.

    Sarah Palin has a lot more experience than the current guy in the White House, while he was given affirmative action, government grants and special treatment – all so he could become a failed 'community organizer', Sarah worked hard in both the public and private sectors, so she has a much better grip on reality than a guy who has only ever been fed from the government teat.

    After four years of Democratic disaster, the United States is going to need a strong leader like Sarah Palin to fix the mess. She did it in Alaska, she can do it again.

    • If elected Prez, will she promise to quit half way through her term? Imagine the $$$ she could rake in after half a presidential term– it'll make the millions she's cha-chinged since quitting Alaska look like peanuts!

  5. Thank the lord there'so way in hell the GOP would allow her to run if she doesn't smarten up.

    • She's got the GOP establishment running scared. Tea Party candidates had to beat establishment candidates in the primaries.

  6. You're really not paying any attention at all are you?

  7. It just shows how deperate US has become.

  8. She made the announcement on Entertainment Tonight, an unlikely venue for announcing presidential ambitions.

    Unlikely venue, eh? Have you already forgotten where their Dude-in-Chief appeared this week?

  9. You should keep the bridge – 'progressives'/Liberals who were previously afflicted with Bush derangement syndrome will go nuts when Sarah Palin is elected President in 2012 – you could sell them tickets to get on the bridge, they'll be looking for a way out of this world, and since we know they don't have guns the bridge will have to do!

  10. I dunno what you guys think…but you know who Palin reminds me of? Ronald Reagan.

    Great communicator…a little bit…well, OK…perhaps clueless on the details. But who needs details when you sell a big, patriotic message that any simpleton can understand and agree with in principle.

    As much as an air head as she seems to be, critics dismiss her at their own peril, she's got "legs" in America…and I aint talkin' about the ones she walks around on

    • Never thought of it that way, Sort of makes you think doesn't it ?

  11. Caribou Barbie and the Tea party are a phenomenon. The Tea Party movement is remarkable in two respects. It is one of the biggest exercises in false consciousness the world has seen – and the biggest Astroturf operation in history. These accomplishments are closely related.

    An Astroturf campaign is a fake grassroots movement: it purports to be a spontaneous uprising of concerned citizens, but in reality it is founded and funded by elite interests. Some Astroturf campaigns have no grassroots component at all. Others catalyse and direct real mobilisations. The Tea Party belongs in the second category. It is mostly composed of passionate, well-meaning people who think they are fighting elite power, unaware that they have been organised by the very interests they believe they are confronting. The evidence is overwhelming that the movement was established and has been guided with the help of money from billionaires and big business.

    Caribou Barbie does not have a clue.

    "Nucular." –Sarah Palin, mispronouncing the word "nuclear" twice, ABC News interview, Sept. 11, 2008

    "Perhaps so." –Sarah Palin, when asked if we may need to go to war with Russia because of the Georgia crisis, ABC News interview, Sept. 11, 2008.

    She is one dumb bunny with a like minded following. Scary.

    • Don't be scared Gary – your analysis is completely wrong.

  12. Sarah Palin is the only politician with a clear and cogent plan to address America’s financial problems, and she’s the only one with the judgment and experience to make it happen.

    • You're kidding. She is most definitely without any plan whatsoever. What's her plan then, tell us, if it's so clear and cogent?

  13. She is so dense it is pathetic.
    ''They're in charge of the U.S. Senate so if they want to they can really get in there with the senators and make a lot of good policy changes that will make life better for Brandon and his family and his classroom.''
    —Sarah Palin, getting the vice president's constitutional role wrong after being asked by a third grader what the vice president does, interview with NBC affiliate KUSA in Colorado, Oct. 21, 2008

    She is grossly unqualified for arguably the most important job in the world. She is just George W Bush with lip stick and high heels . She still believes Iraq was behind 911 , she is a creationist, unread, and on a mission from God.

    • Quotes from the lamestream media are hardly reliable. Look at her record honestly and impartially instead, anyone would be impressed.

      • "'Refudiate,' 'misunderestimate,' 'wee-wee'd up.' English is a living language. Shakespeare liked to coin new words too. Got to celebrate it!'" –a Tweet sent by Sarah Palin in response to being ridicule for inventing the word "refudiate," proudly mistaking her illiteracy for literary genius, July 18, 2010
        She is one dumb bunny.

      • You actually work in the lamestream media, I'm guessing. The way you consistently spout Fox-esque talking points is so disciplined.

  14. there once was a crzy lady frum laska ,
    who said i'm gonna run, i don't have ta ask ya,
    russia she said is outside my winda
    many wonda if the lady from laska is crzy or a reelin frunt runna
    yes yes yes frunt runna she is, said the one lady marjee
    the hi fallutin haf of the simpson named homa

  15. Of coarse in the true home of North Amercican socialism she owuld be heated. Parasites don't want to give up their straw into the vein.

  16. guess who'll root the most loudly for a palin candidacy. that's right barrack obama . i'm sure most viewers can figure why