Sarkozy and Merkel decide Greek bail-out terms -

Sarkozy and Merkel decide Greek bail-out terms

French and German leaders meet in Berlin after public disagreement


Angela Merkel and Nicolas Sarkozy met in Berlin recently after a public disagreement about the role their countries’ private sectors should play in a potential Greek bail-out. Both leaders announced that the private sector would not be forced to bring the debt-stricken country into financial stability, and any European corporate involvement would be strictly voluntary. They also decided to reshuffle the cabinet, replacing George Papaconstantinou with Evangelos Venizelos as Greek finance minister. Experts are unsure whether or not the changes will benefit the country.

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Sarkozy and Merkel decide Greek bail-out terms

  1. More mindless stupidity from leaders who refuse to admit the obvious, that Greece is a lost cause.

    • Ah well, let’s just write off 12M people then eh?

      Of course then there’s Ireland and Spain and Portugal…..and the US.

  2. The solution for Greece and others will create a sustainable economy through meticulous attention to detail. Those persons with at least a degree in business administration and many years of experience know the route to the solution and will find employment in the management required.  Those selfish people who oppose the road to a sustainable solution shall be sidelined. The inertia to destroy these economies does not exist, unless one expects Amageddon.