Sarkozy calls multiculturalism a “failure”

French president says policy puts national identity at risk


French President Nicolas Sarkozy condemned multiculturalism as a threat to national identities in a televised ‘town hall’ meeting with French citizens on Thursday. “The truth is that in all our democracies we have been too preoccupied with the identity of those who arrived and not enough with the identity of the country that welcomed them,” said Sarkozy. In doing so, Sarkozy joined his counterparts in Britain and Germany, who have both characterized multiculturalism as a failed experiment. Sarkozy also emphasized France’s secular identity and warned against “aggressive religious proselytizing” during the town hall.

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Sarkozy calls multiculturalism a “failure”

  1. Finally, the politicians are starting to act on evidence and not political correctness.

    • The West needs to start having kids.

      • There should be a program to help western people from extinction. We have projects and conservation programs in place for soon to be extinct animals, why not for western people – their population is declining fast.

        • I encourage you guys to have babies. If we all do our part…

          • How can one encourages people in having babies when the cost of living is rising fast. Tax and social cost burden should be reduced significantly first so there is more money left in people's pocket at the end of the day. Only then will people have spare time to start thinking of procreation.

    • I am not sure you know what evidence means.

      • Typical vague response.

  2. Well it is about time some stood up and called a a shovel a shovel.

  3. I agree wholeheartedly with all three comments so far!
    Yeah, not-PC but sometimes we need to admit the truth.
    However, I'm not against immigration in general, but I do think societies really need to strengthen their own identity (so as not to become swallowed up in the identities of any immigrants who do come)…and, definately, the West really needs to start having kids. It's not like our societies have turned out so great of late from not having kids…maybe a completely childless society has failed as an experiement.

  4. I am an immigrant/minority, and I agree with the British, German, Australian, Spanish, and now the French Prime Ministers. It is not working here in Canada either, who ever said it does, is either blind or just playing clueless. Encouraging other cultures to separate itself from the rest will promote segregation and intolerance for the generations to come, as what will happen in Winnipeg. For the schoold board to allow children of those twelve families to opt from music and physical ed. is just plain irresponsible. I hope those children will not grow up just as intolerant and narrow minded as their parents.

  5. Sarkozy and British P.M. Cameron are telling it like it is. Let the PC freaks cry all they want, multicult is a recipe for disaster. Leftists in Canada are already plotting to recognize Shariah law under the table, by giving Muslim men with more than one wife extra welfare payments, for example, and always siding with women that want to vote wearing a burqa or have an official picture taken while wearing a burqa. All the barbaric practices of the 3rd world will soon be forced on Canadian women while Radical Feminist leaders prepare to crow about how "white males" are the problem with everything.

  6. Obviously it's a failure. It's outrageous that our government still borrows money to spend on multi-culti crap.

  7. The government and special interest groups in this country will be the last ones on the face of the earth to admit the obvious. By the time it smacks even the dullest person in the head, given our small population it will be too late. Not one person who refers to themselves with a hyphenated reference to their ethnicity or country background can be proud Canadians. They are lying to you… Do not bleieve them. The oncoming demographic winter courtesy or homosexuals and selfish people is gonna destroy Canadas present culture anyway. Go Maple Leafs.

  8. You mean Government enforced tribalism and ethnic ghettoization is a bad thing for society ? Well Duh! Hopefully, Canadians will see the folly, the danger, and the racist nature that is inherent in Government enforced policies of division and special status for designated tribes. It's long past the time for Canadians to throw off the shackles and inherent racism of identity politics imposed by the warped, ideological Trudeauvian regime.

  9. Sarkozy said it!!! It must be true.

  10. Funny thing is that Multiculturalism was NEVER enforced as a policy in France, so I'm wondering what multiculturalsim Sarkozy is talking about. Same thing with Merkel in Germany. Both countries had a clearly monocultural approach for at least 40 years of their immigration history, so I find it very odd that multiculturalism is now being blamed for whatever has gone wrong.

    • I think he means "immigration" and a sort of "tolerance" to other cultures rather than a formal program of multiculturalism.

  11. There is no immigration in Japan. Christmas and Halloween are celebrated there because they think our culture is "cool". It's not the westerners celebrating!

  12. well thank the lord.Ifor one have been waiting a long time to hear those words.

  13. I think we should teach all New Canadians about our customs, special holidays, our polite manners, " Thank you. You are welcome" etc. before they come over or as soon as they arrive. They should all be required to learn some English or French, and learn something about our provinces, government and our laws..We should not allow them to follow their own laws as in multiple wives etc That should be a prerequisite before entering our country. We shoud not be forced to take religion or the Lord's prayer out of schools because a few people object. Those who do not want to say this prayer can remain silent..We also should respect all religions. Most schools try to recognize special feasts of other religions in some way especially if there are students who follow that religion in the school. I feel that multiculturalism is working in many respects,but should never try to displace what we have built here in Canada.

    • Hmmm. Canadian values? What are those values? Oh yea, one would argue are values are 'multiculturalism'.

      • our values are 'multiculturalism'*

  14. I spent a half of my life in Fance(Alsace) and I can tell you that except for the UK the multiculturalism have never exist in Europe, the jews know more about that.
    I really don't understand what this guy are talking about.

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