Sarkozy redesigns Paris

City of Lights may get a major architectural facelift—the first since the Napoleonic era


Last spring, President Nicolas Sarkozy asked teams of notable architects to reimagine Paris as a “world class city.” The teams have now come back with 10 visions for creating a metropolitan area known as Grand Paris—defining the boundaries as they saw fit but incorporating sustainable design techniques and a mix of housing for both rich and poor (one design called for a Parisian “Central Park,” while another called for gardens on five-square miles of rooftops). The last time Paris was redrawn on a large scale was in the 1850s.

Christian Science Monitor

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Sarkozy redesigns Paris

  1. Ha! Amusing that even the world’s most world-class city is aspiring to someday be a world-class city.

  2. Although I actually like the idea of gardens on 5 square miles of rooftops but it is not mentioned if they were of edible or flower variety. Either way, I would think the only way the average person would notice and be moved by them would be in from above….in an airplane. I think that a ground level demonstration of worldclassness is more appropriate.

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