Sarkozy vows to ban Muslim veil -

Sarkozy vows to ban Muslim veil

“It runs contrary to our values and contrary to the idea we have of a woman’s dignity”


French President Nicolas Sarkozy has called for an “unambiguous” parliamentary resolution against the full face-covering Muslim veil, an item of clothing believed to be worn by some 2,000 women in France. “The full veil is not welcome in France because it runs contrary to our values and contrary to the idea we have of a woman’s dignity,” he said. Yet he cautioned against the total ban on the burka or niqab advocated by figures in his right-wing UMP party out of concern the extreme move would further alienate France’s Muslim population, believed to number six million. Lawmakers should wait for the results of a six-month parliamentary inquiry before acting further, he said, adding it was “essential that no one felt stigmatized.”

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Sarkozy vows to ban Muslim veil

  1. So Sarkozy feels that a total ban on burkas/niqabs is a bad idea simply because it would "further alienate Muslims" (which it would) and not because, you know, in a free democracy you can't tell people (aside from covering up for basic modesty) what to wear! Oh, France.

  2. There are 1,500,000,000 Muslims.50% Women.Hardly few wear veil but thousands of Christian and Muslim Women are currently wearing
    Scarves(Hijab) due to heavy snow and cold.If it makes Sarkozy feel waging Christian Jihad equivalent why not? I think Muslim Countries
    also should reciprocate and stop shipment of crude oil Nat gas Ore to France not only from Arabia but bulk of French Muslim countries(tons of them).Problem is not a single country is waging war on Nato
    or EU soldiers waging war distributing Medals and insulting radical
    individual suicide bomber plotters.

    • i'm still trying to piece together exactly what you tried to say there in a coherent way.

      where you and i can't agree is:

      i don't see peace in europe, and among nato members as a "problem". you must further realize that an oil boycott won't happen, and even if one does, rest assured you have just guaranteed me a summer job. (i live in alberta)

  3. firstly i would like to say that it seems odd to me that people of some religions want to cover women up …are they afraid of women? or are they afraid they can't control themsleves around a beautiful woman? if women want to dress like this voluntarily it's not a problem but that may not be the case …….ps nuns apparently cover themselves up except the face..that would have to be banned as well ….meanwhile women in the west run around half naked in the summer and i am not complaining

  4. ….the veil is nice…adds a certain sense of mystery! but now on the other hand the forces need to maintain law and order so there goes another culture difference! so much xenophobia in this crazy world!

  5. Good idea, too bad our politically neutered politicans wouldn't grow a couple and do the same.

  6. lets ban stupid berets that the french wear, it's against our values

  7. right wing neo con thinking produces these short sighted bans on basic cultural practices of free people. This paranoia usually afflicts the cerebrally challenged among us and and has an anthropological explanation relative to tribalism and difficulty accepting ideas or notions they do not understand. Banning minarets in Switzerland is just as silly . What the hell why do not we have another inquisition and burn and deport all off coloured people or people with ideas or thoughts that are different from us good white folk. KKK applications are available .

    • the extreme left does the same ..look at all the eastern block countries with left wing values…they surely aren't free societies ..not to mention communist countries like china, cuba and north korea