Sarkozy will reportedly call for air strikes on Gadhafi’s headquarters

French president wants to target deadliest operations, says source


French President Nicolas Sarkozy will propose air strikes in Libya to EU leaders, according to a source close to the discussions. Sarkozy will propose striking “an extremely limited number of points which are the source of the most deadly operations” by Moammar Gadhafi, the AFP reports. These include Gadhafi’s Bab al-Azizia command headquarters in Tripoli, and two military air bases. The president’s office declined to confirm the claim.


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Sarkozy will reportedly call for air strikes on Gadhafi’s headquarters

  1. Because announcing it is a sure-fire way to make sure you get him.

    • Where does it state Sarkozy wants to 'get' Gadhafi? Targeting the command HQ and two military air bases is far different than bombing Gadhafi himself. Plus those buildings aren't running underground anytime soon.

  2. Wonder what sarkozy, the little clinton, is trying to cover up?

  3. Sarkozy loooves to be this big hero, human rights activist, blah, blah, blah…. his rating is going down, when he is popular is when he "helps" Ingrid Betancourt, Bulgarian nurses (detained in Lybia, of all places!), Cassez.

    I hope French people don't fall for this shenanigans!

  4. If the French want the Libyans bombed then let the french bomb them. I recall the french wouldn't let the US fly over france to Bomb the Libyans in the 80's. imes have changed

  5. Les french, are for show. They start, and the Americans save their skin. The Americans were so polite and considerate, when they told the vandoos to go home! Had enough of that whining. And the expense of trying to protect them so mommy wouldn't want guns banned in war! lolol

  6. Yorktown? Yes and the treaty of 1783 where the french, one time in possession of Canada, most of United States and other various Islands and sea control, wound up with "the island of Tobago, and Senegal in Africa". It now appears that they are, again, losing Montreal and the shore and Gaspe, back to the English, and are now attempting to grab New Brunswick, a last bastion. An apparent federal trade off, because all New Brunswick politicians are selling out to them. The first one was a liberal, who left the Premier chair, worth 13,000,000 dollars? All documented.

    • Yes, Yorktown, where they won your Armerican friend's independence for them. Of course the 1783 treaty had nothing to do with Canada or Tobago, but I assume, based on the rest of your post, that you are uninterested in history, accuracy or logic.

  7. After being goaded to rebel by the west, Libyans have been left high and dry. They will now have to live with the fury of the mad monk. Other world despots will be emboldened to unleash fury on their people and even gains in Tunisia, Egypt, Bahrain, Yemen and even China could be reversed. what a betrayal by the west?

  8. Very sensible proposal. Else "world opinion" is something like an impotent bystander.

  9. Every action/bomb has an equal amount of opposite force. Read a decent French option is very easy' but it would be very difficult that how the Desert's old Hawk will react to that, in the name of Arab pride?

  10. Yeah, give them ample warning Bozo!

  11. It is actually great to see France taking a leading role in helping Libya after all the other international undesirables it has given haven to. Maybe France realizes that what happens in Libya might affect its former colony next door, Algeria.

    I wish President Obama would also give full diplomatic recognition to the revolutionary council. I think Obama has been too timid to act.

  12. Bravado comes easy to the vertically challenged President, when is knows the Mad Monk cannot fight back. Regardless there are other means that should be explored. Sanctions against the regime , not the people, and seizure of assets. The Arab league will lean on him as well. Bombing and shooting your way to a solution is not always the best way and in fact could be counter productive. Innocents usually perish in large numbers . Best wishes to the Libyan people.

  13. do to gaddafi what was done to saddam hussein . are you forgetting lockabie

  14. The Financial Times Deutschland writes:

    "There's no other way to explain (Sarkozy's) recent statements: Calling for air strikes against the Gadhafi regime and recognizing the rebel government has more to do with his testosterone level than with logical thinking. These kinds of suggestions don't help anyone at all — not the EU, not the Libyans, and especially not himself."

    "Nicolas Sarkozy is doing everything he can to disappoint people's expectations in him as the leader of the Grande Nation. But his behavior is also hurting the EU. …"

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