Saskatchewan E. coli not linked to beef from XL Foods, says Ritz


EDMONTON – Canada’s agriculture minister says 13 cases of E. coli reported in Saskatchewan are not linked to the Alberta plant involved in a massive beef recall.

Gerry Ritz says these people don’t have the same strain of E. coli as 11 other Canadians who have gotten sick from meat that is linked to XL Foods Inc.

Canadian Food Inspection Agency staff are in the XL plant in Brooks, Alta., today for a “pre-inspection” to see if the company has fixed problems that forced its closure on Sept. 27.

Those problems included the management of E. coli risk, maintenance and sanitation.

Ritz says the pre-inspection is only the first of a multi-stage process the company must go through before it will be allowed to resume operating and no date has been set for it to reopen.

More than 1,800 XL Foods products have been recalled across Canada, along with more than 1.1 million kilograms of beef that was exported to the U.S. and 20 other countries.

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Saskatchewan E. coli not linked to beef from XL Foods, says Ritz

  1. I believe that. After all, I hardly figured the effects of a federal Minister’s mismanagement would be confined to a single plant.

  2. Is that supposed to be reassuring?

  3. Does this mean that there is ANOTHER plant producing tainted meat? How mant inspectors did they cut?

  4. Dr Jitters, do you realize that the XL Plant has 46 full time CFIA inspectors, 6 of whom are Veterinarians? You’re implying in your comment that meat inspectors have been cut. This is simply not true and a misrepresentation of the facts.

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