Saskatchewan museum cancels fundraiser after objections from religious groups

Event would have featured a presentation on communicating with spirits


The Western Development Museum in Moose Jaw, Sask. has cancelled its Halloween fundraiser after religious groups objected to the event. “We don’t think a seance is what the people of Moose Jaw want to be associated with,” said Pastor Larry Gerow of Victory Church in Moose Jaw, one those who objected to the museum’s plan to hold a presentation on communicating with spirits, which would have been followed by a demonstration. After provincial legislators and the museum’s directors were bombarded with complaints, museum officials finally decided the fundraiser wasn’t worth the trouble and canceled the event outright.

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Saskatchewan museum cancels fundraiser after objections from religious groups

  1. “We don't think a seance is what the people of Moose Jaw want to be associated with,”

    If that's true why complain at all? The fundraiser would have been a failure and that would be the end of it. Of course if it WAS popular Pastor Gerow would have obviously misjudged "what the pople of mosse Jaw want." Too bad we'll never find out since the museum buckled under special interest pressure over some harmeless holloween fun.

    Boo I say, to everyone involved!

    • No the people of Moose Jaw would far rather be known as evangelist zealots who silence anyone who sees things differently.

      How freaking idiotic.

  2. Damned political religious correctness gone awry again.

  3. As a poltergeist, I take offence at having yet another opportunity to haunt you living humans taken away from me. After I heard about this planned seance, I traveled all the way from Kitchener to attend. I was looking forward to making scary `whoo-whoo` sounds and leaving some ectoplasm on the seance table. I was even considering acting as a spirit channel for The Dief, so that he could say a few words for posterity. Bah! I mean, Boo!

    • Mark Morton, poltergeist,
      Loved your response. Sorry for the long travel for nothing – hope the wind is favourable for your return drift.
      We'll be ready for you next time.

      • Well since you're there anyways, why not stop by the Pastor's house and haunt him?

  4. This isn't fair at all, this is a secular society and there are other people in this country other than religious fanatics. The religious nuts also complained about same-sex marriage, abortion, birth control, africans, muslims and the wheel but we ignored that. Shame on this museum for not standing out for what right. Shame on them for not doing their job in educating people on all aspects of life and culture. And above all shame on the people who complained, if they didn't like it they were never forced to go. A lot of people wanted to see something different like this but once again religion needs to destroy everything. The only innocent party here are those who were denyed the chance to see this due to ignorant and cruel individuals who cannot keep their wicked thoughts to themselves. Guess I wont be stopping by there on my way to Alberta anymore.

    • You know that the Western Development Museum doesn't actively promote any religion, don't you? You are still free to have a seance in Moose Jaw. Check Craig's List, if you're so fired up about it. Heck, post your own ad. You'll find that a) nobody will bust in your door and truncheon you, and b) the next morning, you'll still be the same over-wrought loon using the same tactics and thought patterns that you find so objectionably present in your imaginary demon, the relgious right.

      Shame on you.

      • They just did all that stuff you say they won't do, you over-wrought loon, you!! In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Gh…!! OOPS!!! No spirits allowed here!

  5. This is Canada, we dont allow the religious fanatics to control our lives and inhibit our ability to learn and experience different things. Moose Jaw should be disgusted, Saskatchewan should be disgusted and the church and museum should be disgusted with themselves. We learned long ago the evils of following these misguided people and I cannot believe that now, in the 21st century, we are continuing to do that. I have a suggestion, all Muslims, Jews, Buddhists and others in Saskatchewan or at least Moose Jaw should try to stop Christmas and Easter. And as a Christian I would totally support that on the basis of equality. If Christians can get away with dictating their views and inhibiting others then WE ALL have the right to do that to them

    • "This is Canada, we dont allow the religious fanatics to control our lives and inhibit our ability to learn and experience different things. "

      Apparently, some of us do.

      • Religious loons control our political parties, what are the alternatives?
        As long as McVety and his ilk can phone the PM and complain and as long as it only takes one complaint to validate a policy change expect more things to become forbidden.

        • Push back?

    • The illusion that is FREEDOM strikes again and is struck down again!! Damn no ectoplasm left to show either!! :-(

  6. Sigh.

    Let me guess, the religious freaks were afraid the seance would ACTUALLY WORK right? LOL

    Ho boy.

    What next, railing against "satan" costumes?

    You know, because how would we know for sure if the REAL devil showed up at our door eh?


    • well when you believe in an imaginary sky daddy, you also believe in his adversary

  7. Unless you're a Wiccan holding a seance on Samhain (aka Halloween) at the Western Development Museum in Moose Jaw of course.

    Bad witches! Bad!


  8. Did these religious idiots volunteered to pay instead the fund, the Museum needed?

    • In fact, the church named in the article will be hosting a roast beef dinner fundraiser that evening to support the WDM in their efforts to raise the money they need. So, in a word, yes…

      • And these church fund raiser will refrain from contacting the higher spirits? Which ever level of spirits being consulted, a seance is still a seance, isn't it?

      • Yes and you also know that the other side is right now planning to hold the seance in a neutral site do you not….
        So the WDM will get money from two fundraisers.
        Just so you know the WDM board has also said you CANNOT use their copyrighted and trademarked WD'M name this is a VIctory Church fundraiser and they are chosing to donate the money to the museum.
        Also we cannot have the Victory Church praying a Christian prayer at a fundraiser for a secular government institute fundraiser now can we or can the Ouija board also attend and do the seance at your church.

  9. They're probably waiting until a suitable market base shows up.

  10. No, the pastor wouldn't want to 'commune with spirits'.

    Like God, Jesus, the Holy Ghost….

  11. I imagine that the Pastor's next move will be to ban Halloween altogether in Moose Jaw, and judging by this latest success it will probably work. It was nice of him to speak for the rest of us though.

      • They had the city do that here 17 years go.
        After the local backlash here they backed down.
        In our city we DO NOT have a ward system but rather the entire city votes for six councillors at large.
        Due to this two of our councillors are from one of the churches involved in this. There vote totals are within a couple of hundred votes of one another and both live in the same neighbourhood.
        They are working to get us a ward system here now but there is opposition this might just due the ticket to get it done and have me know who my councilor is.

  12. hey, instead of putting these make-believe characters and halloween-related decorations and stuff, we put up real terrors of the last 2,000 years, namely unguided blind faith. an example, a house you get to hide in while its boarded up and burnt to the ground, with people chanting witch witch witch outside. sound spooky?

  13. In Canada we all have the right to worship or believe whatever we wish… long as it's what my beliefs are LMAO

    hmmm maybe we should all be outraged and object to any and all religious events? see how fast they cry that that isn't right?

    • please don't. They already stand at their pulpits in their tax free buildings wailing at how they are a persecuted minority

      • I was kidding, I was just saying they wouldn't stand for it if tables were turned but they obviously have no problem with trampling the rights and freedoms of others.

  14. Intolerant religion again. I have a deal for the right wing born agains. I promise not to think in your Church in exchange for you not imposing your bronze age myths on the public.

    • a very good deal. win-win all the way. but you really think that will work!??

  15. Why did the museum cave in to the religious nut jobs? Should have ignored the idiots and carried on with their plans. When will religion be thrown onto the garbage heap where it belongs?

    • You know that conducting a seance is closely akin to a religious activity for spiritualists, don't you?

  16. The medium in this case is the consummate professional, exceptionally talented and very, VERY good at what he does.

    At the very least it would have been an entertaining and educational experience, a brief history on Spiritualism and fun demonstration geared towards popular subjects becoming well known today such as Paranormal Research, Psychic Investigations and Ghost Hunting with the audience being left to participate or not as they wish and always to make their own decisions about the proceedings.

    I've known the medium and facilitator for 5-6 years now and I'm sad to see this event being stopped in such a manner.

    • the "educational experience" bit is what religion is not interested in letting through.

  17. Man, I feel sorry for those living in rural parts of the country where religion doers bully communities into going along with their wacky delusions. I am guessing that believers in myth, magic and superstition (religion) are happy to have constituents conjuring imaginary gods but not deceased loved ones.

    Does free speech exist in the margins of Canadian society? Freedom from religion, oh yes please.

    • if the deceased loved ones did show up they would reveal the truth about the imaginary gods. a strict no-no for religion.

  18. I am from Moose Jaw.
    This action was started by a couple of churches in Moose Jaw. The main push against this event was a pastor who said he spoke for the majority of residents here.
    I can tell you that he does not.
    After a public backlash the church he was part of backtracked in a big way.
    The pastor said if the seance happened it would harm the city and evil would come here. And it is NOT right for a public facillity to hold such a religious event.
    I agree with him there.
    So locally a group has set it up so that the seance is going to happen at a neutral site.

  19. The good pastor opened a real pandora box here because now the schools that would rent the gymnasiums to religious groups are considering cancelling such an arrangement and use of a public facility.
    The pastors churcu would use city parks for free but now that is not probably going to be happening. He has shot himself in the foot.
    There will not be prayers for Remembrance Day and other events as they are in public buildings.
    The list goes on and on.
    Just so you know the local radio station was flooded with people opposing the good pastor for appointing himself the moral spokesperson for the city.
    The pastor did do one thing though he made us the laughing stock of Canada.
    It is bad enough to live down the name Moose Jaw, but this just adds to our misery.

    • Bravo to the Citizens of Moose Jaw…….I think maybe ol' Pastor Larry should be asked to Step down from his position…Either that , or the honouable citizens of Moose Jaw could tar and feather him and put him on the next Stagecoach out of town..sounds as if Loony Larry the Pastor is living in the 1800's,,give him a dose of pioneer justice……

  20. Sanctimonious positions like this are every bit as stupid as the anti-Christian crowd. No wonder we are deteriorating as a society. Absolutely no common sense anywhere. Had the people of Moose Meat not wanted to see this they wouldn't have gone. End of story. People of whatever ilk shoving their values down others throats make me wanna puke. Oh yea, cowardly politicians bend like a willow in the wind, the right or wrong doesn't matter.

  21. people have the right to decide if an organization or a person caves into pier pressure then they r the slaves of pressure and should be run out of town. if the WESTERN DEVELOPEMENT MUSEUM wants to hold a seance then they can. personally u think contacting the dead is rediculous but hey if people believe that then more power to them

  22. peopl don't have the right to tell people what to believe let them live their lives. as for victory when did u guuys get all self rightous? was it right after the Murphy's left ? i gave up going to church because of crap like that. nnow i have no religion