Saskatchewan Party outspends NDP, calls it fiscal prudence

Being small-c conservative means having cake, eating it


Regina Leader-Post columnist Murray Mandryk today pokes delicious fun at Sask Party backbenchers intent on keeping the province’s public servants in fiscal check. The comedy stems from provincial auditor Fred Wendel’s appearance this week before the public accounts committee, where the Saskers gave him something of a talking to. Never mind that, as Mandryk points out, last year’s Sask Party budget was “a mere $9.623 billion–only $1.2 billion or 15.2 per cent more than proposed in the NDP government’s final budget. By comparison, former NDP premier Roy Romanow’s first budget in 1992 actually decreased spending by 5.3 per cent from the final budget of the Progressive Conservatives he replaced.” Mandryk is most cutting when he quotes from Blazing Saddles (1974): “Much like my friends on the public accounts committee,” he writes, “I, too, have lived by the credo of Mel Brooks’s character, Gov. William J. Le Petomane: ‘We’ve got to protect our phony-baloney jobs.'”

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Saskatchewan Party outspends NDP, calls it fiscal prudence

  1. When will people figure this out?

    The idea conservatives know anything about fiscal prudence is complete hogwash whenever you look at the reality. The only province they’ve managed to balance a budget in is Alberta, and they only did that by shoving the deficit into infrastructure that we’re having to pay back now.

  2. People vote for far-right these days because it has somehow become fashionable. It’s become a mob mentality.

    People try to justify it by fooling themselves into thinking greedy old men will show plausible consideration for others.

    How’s that trickle down workin’ for ya? Hm. Inflation skyrocketing out of control and wages frozen if not hurtling back through time.

    Stop voting for businessmen.