Saskatchewan privacy watchdog looks at why medical faxes go to the wrong people


REGINA – An investigation into systemic privacy breaches in Saskatchewan’s health system has found that the detailed hormone therapy information of a transgendered person was faxed to a school.

The finding is in a report by Privacy Commissioner Gary Dickson, who looked at situations where health authorities or doctors faxed personal health information to wrong numbers.

The breaches affected about 1,000 patients across the province.

Dickson says most of the breaches involve faxing features with electronic medical records systems, not putting material through a stand-alone fax machine.

The commissioner says the root cause for most of the breaches was incorrect or outdated fax numbers.

He says many of the misdirected faxes reflect inadequacies in policy, procedure and training.


Saskatchewan privacy watchdog looks at why medical faxes go to the wrong people

  1. I can tell you why some faxes are reaching the wrong people.

    It is because you are using fax machines. Stop using fax machines.

    • LOL agreed!

  2. If I found out my doctor was still using a fax machine, I’d be looking for a new doctor. How many millions could be saved by our healthcare system if hospitals just stopped using fax machines? This crap truly boggles the mind.

  3. We need an investigation to figure out why some busy health professionals pressed 6 instead of 9. Thank heavens the privacy bureaucrats are on top of this one. I look forward to the release of their report 3 years from now in which they detail how the 6 and the 9 on the keypad should be moved further apart.

    A month ago, the federal privacy commissioner was demanding a complete ban on instant messaging between government blackberries since they weren’t always being preserved. Presumably once instant messaging is entirely disabled, she can work towards a ban on face to face conversations and phone calls. They aren’t captured either.