Saskatchewan teachers to walkout Thursday -

Saskatchewan teachers to walkout Thursday

Union wants one-time 12 per cent raise


Teachers in Saskatchewan plan to walk off the job on Thursday for a “study day and rally” after 95 per cent voted in favour of job action last week. The Saskatchewan Teacher’s Federation wants a 12 per cent increase in pay over the next year. The province’s school boards have offered 5.5 per cent over three years. Alberta’s teachers currently make 20 per cent more than their colleagues to the east. The teachers say they will return to class Friday.

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Saskatchewan teachers to walkout Thursday

  1. Well Harper's in charge of the country. That should help the Wisconsin-ization of the provinces. Hail to the robot.

  2. Glad the teachers haven't lost sight of the important things. It's all about the kids.

    [I wish Canada would change its Soviet-era internal immigration policy. If teachers from some other province in Canada want to move to Alberta for better jobs, shouldn't they be allowed to do it? Oh. They can?!]

  3. I understand the teachers want more money. Everyone wants more money. If you see your province is in good financial shape, of course you're going to ask for more. They know they aren't going to get 12%, but you have to start somewhere. They'll probably be able to cite some stats about how they're the n-th lowest paid teachers in the country, and with Sask. doing so well lately, they should buck up.

    Hard to blame people asking for a raise. I'm just not a huge fan of striking to get a raise.

  4. 12% is a nonstarter, particularly with health care unions currently getting ready for job action as well. Brad needs to hold the line. give them 2.5% per year, take it or leave it and get real.

    • In past contract negotions teachers have settled for a 0% increases in their contracts. The government said times were tough, so teachers settled. On many occasions teachers have taken a 0% increase. Many teachers want the recognition that other professionals have received. You need to spend some time talking to teachers not complaining about them and find out what is REAL.

      • Teachers are not professionals. Professionals run their own practice and do not belong to unions.

        • Teachers ARE professionals and require a “Professional A” certificate to teach in a province. Teachers also have “professional autonomy” which means they can teach as they see fit within the guidelines of the provincial standard, which is the provincial curriculum.

          Additionally, do you not consider a doctor a professional? They belong to their own union as well. I think you’d bettter do more research.

    • The government agreed to give Saskatchewan nurses a 36% increase over 4 years (2008 – 12%, 2009 – 11%, 2010 – 5% and 2011- 5%)

  5. you have to forgive danR, he's having trouble adjusting to the new reality and his understanding of Federal provincial jurisdictions is fuzzy, not that the understanding of the constitutional powers was ever a forte of progressives at any rate.

  6. The headline should be "Saskatchewan Teachers to walkout Thursday." The word "walkout" is a noun. The verb form is "to walk out" (two separate words).

  7. A good time to privatize all the schools.

  8. Yeah well Alberta's GDP per capita is much higher than Saskatchewan for now, and the cost of living is therefore much less in Sask also.

    So this isn't really justified.

    Besides, if they think Alberta is the land of milk and honey, why don't they just move there? Probably because there are tradeoffs that come with that salary, like higher prices, perhaps bigger classes (faster population growth), etc.

    • Actually, the Calgary public school board has announced it will be laying off hundreds of teachers so it is not a good time for teachers to move to Alberta.

  9. Alberta students perform better. Maybe the system there encourages better teachers and they are rewarded. What a concept!

  10. You do a good job and work hard, you deserve a raise. To say that teachers don't is ridiculous. You try to do what they do, organize, teach, counsel and deal with 20 – 30 kids at once, of at least 5 have learning or special needs and see how long you last! You'll be bolting for the doo!

  11. Actually teachers are professionals. Do your research before you write.
    Look it up!

  12. Teachers shouldn't have to move away from home so that they can afford to buy a house and feed their families! They should be paid an appropriate for educating our children, I hope they get 12% because they deserve that and more!

  13. The teachers keep claiming the deserve more money and thats its for the kids sake.. This may be true in some schools but not in the one I went to and graduated from two years ago.. The same teacher told me and my sister that there was no point in continuing our education after highschool because we would not make it anywhere anyways.. and my math teacher told me I was not as stupid as I look then insisted it was a complement.. My experience, the teachers are making more then they deserve and I wish they would just shut up already.