Saskatchewan will pay private clinic for surgeries -

Saskatchewan will pay private clinic for surgeries

Health Minister says clinic will cut down wait times


The Regina Qu’Appelle Health Region is booking surgeries at the private Omni Surgery Centre, saying that use of the private clinic will help reduce wait times. The clinic will charge the government about 11 per cent less per knee surgery than the local hospital, allowing the province to do more surgeries. Health Minister Don McMorris said that because no one will be allowed to pay to jump the queue, the public health care system will remain intact. The opposition NDP has called the move “a step down the road” to privatization. The Saskatchewan Union of Nurses has also expressed concern.


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Saskatchewan will pay private clinic for surgeries

  1. No one who gets their knee fixed without paying will think this is bad. And an 11% savings? No wonder the Nurses union is scared.

  2. Time to look for options in solving our health care crisis, Good for Saskatchewan! It is really hypocritical for NDP to scream Privatization, as our medical system, medical doctors have long been operating privately but being paid by public funds. Very clinton of them!

  3. Wait times for the Public will increase as the Private Clinics will be where all the Surgeons will be working. We already don't have enough Doctors to preform the surguries we have in the Public system. Now take away Doctors from the Public System to preform surgeries at the Private Clinic how is it going to reduce wait times. Maybe if you have money ,sounds good to jump the queue.