Saskatoon resident advances toward one-way trip to Mars


These next few years may be Justin Semenoff’s last on planet Earth—if the Saskatoon resident wins a coveted spot on the Mars One Mission, a privately funded program that plans to send 24 astronauts on a one-way trip to Mars starting in the year 2023.

The Canadian Forces Army combat engineer made it through the second stage of the selection process this week; he and 1,058 other applicants were picked from a list of 200,000 to advance to the next stage of challenges, which will include “rigorous simulations with a focus on testing the physical and emotional capabilities” of the candidates.

The mission’s goal is to one day form a colony on the red planet

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Saskatoon resident advances toward one-way trip to Mars

  1. The phrase ‘children’s crusade’ comes to mind, but I wish him well.

  2. As an Albertan now living in B.C., I’ve always had the impression that T.O. feels it is destined to be the center of the universe. I am surprised they picked up a story on a guy in Saskatoon, but not at all surprised they ignored at least one more Canadian who has made this cut: A woman living in Sooke, B. C. I guess the continental divide is just too much of a barrier, even to the mighty McLean’s of T. O. fame.