Saskatoon: Visit at your own risk

Is the most dangerous city in Canada also one of the most dangerous cities in the world?


Poor Saskatoon. Just two weeks after Maclean’s declared it the most dangerous city in Canada, the community has been crowned with another dubious distinction: the ninth-most dangerous city in the world. Released by realclearworld.com, the global top-ten list includes such danger zones as Mogadishu (1), Caracas (4) and Johannesburg (7). Sandwiching Saskatoon is Norilsk, Russia (8) and London, England (10). Not surprisingly, city officials responded to the ranking the same way they reacted to the Maclean’s analysis: with outrage and denial. Clive Weighill, the police chief, said comparing his town to cities that require military intervention to thwart ethnic cleansing is “sheer lunacy.”

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Saskatoon: Visit at your own risk

  1. Ok, enough is enough. I’m from Halifax.(the other mid sized “crime riddled” city in Canada. I have been in Western Canada a dozen times or more but for purposes of full discloser have never visited Saskatoon. However I can say without hesitiation I would feel far safer there than a thousand other places on the planet. Anyone for a vacation on the Mexican Riviara? Hang onto you head(literally) How about a restful visit to scores or communities on the US/Mexican border where the Mexican army is at war with the Drug dealer’s army. Both have mechanized armour. The US military has hastily manned the border in case the Mexican army loses! Ah, the peace, serenity, the occasional tank round going though the lobby…a mere piffle. How about Russia. A local business man here in the hotel and airline business decided to open a hotel in Moscow. All went well until the Russian mob decided the hotel would be a nice property to aquire and marched staff and guests out the door at gunpoint in the middle of the night, informing everyone the place was under new management. Ah, those zany Russians. Local businessman here spent years in Russian courts sorting that out. Let’s go to South Africa, Iraq,Afganistan….I could go on but I am sure you get the point. I think you could check into a hotel in Saskatoon and at least be assured of a good nights sleep. Sad part is, crime here in Halifax and Saskatoon is on the rise but could easily be contained if the courts locked up the miniscule bunch of thugs doing most of this, for good. But for God’s sake put things in proper perspective. This type of unbalanced, hysterical reporting can do so much damage. That headline gets read around the world and every nitwit buys into it.

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