Saudi religious police leader says Twitter use will lead to hell -

Saudi religious police leader says Twitter use will lead to hell


Beware Saudi Twitter users, for the top leader of the Saudi Arabia religious police says that he who uses the social networking service “has lost this world and his afterlife.”

The anti-Twitter rhetoric, which basically says that Twitter users are going to hell, comes from Sheikh Abdul Latif Abdul Aziz al-Sheikh and corresponds with a major uptake in Twitter use in the country, according to BBC News correspondent Sebastian Usher.

What religious leaders in the country are probably most worried about is that the surge in Twitter use could, potentially, help facilitate a public uprising in the country, as has been the case elsewhere in the Middle East, points out Mashable.

This concern about Twitter comes from leaders in the same country that refused to allow BlackBerrys unless the company formerly known as RIM made it easier for the Saudi government to monitor users’ messages.

BBC News points out that the imam of the Grand Mosque in Mecca has also condemned Twitter and the kingdom’s most senior Muslim cleric called Twitter users “fools.”

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Saudi religious police leader says Twitter use will lead to hell

  1. anything and everything that encourages free thought or free expression to these tyrannical zealots is considered evil or the devil. Meanwhile they are going to hell to in a handbasket themselves. Sorry assholes , the only virgins who are awaiting your entrance to paradise are 72 inbred hillbillies named Bubba.

  2. Freedom of expression in Saudi Arabia is forbbiden not beacuse Islam or Sharia Law”Sharia Law Grantee the freedom of speech” but because The Saudi Royal regime afraid to lose their power. So, They tell Islamic Scholars “please say that Social Network is Evil “.By that, Scholars who close to Royal Family manipulating with Sharia Law to serve the Royal family. This is the game. In fact Saudi citizen lose their trust with Royal family day by day. The evidence is Social Network , look to Saudi Citizens , They complain from Health services ,Transportation and The law work with people who have less power and more. By the way Royal Families in Saudi Arabia are above the Law.

    One Day Uprising in Saudi Arabia will remove the rubbish regime

    Then No Saudi Arabia But Republic of Arab Land

  3. Thank God for giving me the choise of having an after life or not. I use Twitter, so after iam dead i never see or hear something about religion again. Whooooopyyyyyyyyyy