Saudi woman fights back. Literally. -

Saudi woman fights back. Literally.

Religious police officer is taken to hospital


Here’s how the fight went down. A member of the Saudi religious police—or, the Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice—was on the prowl. His location: an amusement park. His target: unmarried couples. (Unrelated men and women are not allowed to publicly socialize in the Saudi kingdom). But when the cop approached a young couple in their 20s to question them, he probably didn’t expect what came next: being beaten up by the young woman to the point that he needed to be hospitalized—while the woman’s male companion lay collapsed on the ground. “To see resistance from a woman means a lot,” said Saudi rights activist Wajiha Al-Huwaidar. “People are fed up with these religious police, and now they have to pay the price for the humiliation they put people through for years and years.” If the young woman is convicted, she could face time in jail as well as lashings.

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Saudi woman fights back. Literally.

  1. Way to go Lady!

  2. Good for her! But who are we to quibble against this religious police, we have our own version, the language police in Quebec!

    • that you would compare what these women go through to Canada's Bilingualism is disgusting……but hardly surprising if you are a Harper supporter…..he doesn't seem to care about women either

      • It never amazes me how left wing weenies work some sort of anti-Harper comment into stories that have NOTHING to do with him or his party. Yes women are so oppressed in Canada, lol. You are a joke.

    • How is this good for her?You have any idea what they are gonna do to her?Idiot

    • Your struggle against being forced to read french is the equivalent of a woman being told who she can and cannot talk to and forced to dress in a certain way? Mandatory french is the same as facing lashes and ostracization for choosing how to live?

      I'm sure you're enjoying your pity party, but I have no sympathy for you. Your problems pale in comparison to people with real issues.

  3. Google for this story, and drive up its search numbers. People should see this story to create international support for her.

  4. For Trent H: I meant Good for her that she fought back! A change has always been started with one spark. If no one challenged and protested an oppressive rule and law, we would all still be living in the dark ages. I know it would really be very bad for her. If they could cut a man's head for asuperstitious allegation of sorcery, I can just shudder at the thought of what they gonna do to her, but she has more guts than men living in those countries. Many men in those countries would just blame and bomb other countries for the fault of their own government…

    As for Not a Victim: I do apologize for comparing the language police of Quebec to the religious police of the Middle East. The later is quite extreme while the former is a saint in comparison. It is still a form of oppression though, I would concede to a much lesser extent.

  5. How do you start a letter writing campaign to Amnesty International so that they might pull their noses out of freedom-loving democracies and pay attention to something like this?

    • Good luck with that. This isn't the sort of women's rights that Amnesty International is about.

      • I can't say that I have regularly paid attention to Amnesty International's bias, but the last hundred (or so) reports that they've released don't appear to be focused on 'freedom-loving democracies'. Is there something I'm missing?

        • that the criticism you are responding to is more or less ad hominem. so there isn't a lot of point. it is indeed the exact kind of case to which AI pays attention. here is one recent example. it took less then a single minute to find.

  6. What a brave act. It is unbelievable in this day and age that such archaic practises still exist. All in the name of repression.

  7. however brave and revolutionary we might consider her to be, the ground reality is that she has signed her own death sentence. we take about rights. we talk about fighting back. she is not here, a place where her right to beat up a man is considered anecdotal and amusing. there a man is "superior" to a woman, therefore, she has committed a serious crime. i do hope (can't pray, nothing to pray to, sorry) the powers that consider the intrusion into her personal matter more offensive that her response to it. i am not holding my breath though. keeping my fingers crossed.

  8. Ya ditto good for her now that's what I call a "SMACK DADDY" Now he's going to know the humiliation for letting a women clobber him. Wussy Cake.. he was probably some 75 year old decrepit overzealous douche bag. Women can't even drive in Saudi Arabia but I bet he feels like he got run over by a MAC TRUCK driven by a woman lmfao