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Say no evil

G20 protesters might have their bail revoked over media statements


Leah Henderson and Alex Hundert might be going back to jail. Their purported crime: speaking to the news media. Ontario Provincial Police released the two anarchists on bail July 19, following their arrest before the G20 summit in Toronto. Since then, the pair have made several “public statements” that the OPP claims are breaches of their bail conditions. Curiously, the police force wouldn’t specify which of their statements were verboten, and claims Henderson and Hundert have every right to speak to the media. “Speaking to the media, speaking in public is not an offence,” said an OPP official.

Montreal Gazette

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Say no evil

  1. good news – turf back in the hooskow a.s.a.p

  2. and crazy anarchists making comments here ought to be first in line for ye olde hoosgow

  3. ''Speaking to the media,speaking in public is not an offence" Agree.. But them just speaking ,is enough already !

  4. Who these people are and whether or not I agree with them is not the point. It would be illegal and, therefore, wrong for the OPP to arbitrarily decide to revoke their bail for speaking to the media.

    • Agree, I guess that is why the OPP Official stated…""Speaking to the media,speaking in public is not an offence !'' But