Saying goodbye to 10 Downing Street -

Saying goodbye to 10 Downing Street

A photo gallery of Gordon Brown’s last moments in the PM’s office and residence


Sometimes pictures are worth more than words. A Guardian photographer was granted exclusive access to 10 Downing Street yesterday to document what turned out to be the final moments of Gordon Brown’s Labour government. His 14-photos capture moments of fear, as Brown and advisors wait for the phone call that will seal their fate from Nick Clegg, leader of the Liberal Democrats. Then resignation, and even pathos. The final shot is a box of Brown’s mementos, already packed up and sitting by the wall, even as he heads to Buckingham Palace to see the Queen and formally end his tenure as Britain’s Prime Minister.


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Saying goodbye to 10 Downing Street

  1. New Labour has destroyed what was once a lovely country and Brown played significant role in its wreckage. Two songs came to mind when I heard Brown for once did the right thing and finally resigned.

    "So long, farewell, auf Wiedersehen, good night …. "


    "Ding Dong! The Witch is dead. Which old Witch? The Wicked Witch! Ding Dong! The Wicked Witch is dead."