Schoolgirls, teachers poisoned at Afghanistan high school -

Schoolgirls, teachers poisoned at Afghanistan high school

Latest incident part of an “alarming trend” of education-related attacks


Medical and government officials in Afghanistan are reporting that dozens of teachers and girls were sickened by poison gas at a high school. The latest incident, which hospitalized 59 students and 14 teachers, is the ninth such case involving the poisoning of schoolgirls, said a spokesperson for the nation’s education ministry. Many Afghan girls were not allowed to attend school during the Taliban’s rule from 1996 to 2001. Girls’ schools began reopening after the Islamist regime was toppled, but a report compiled last year by the humanitarian agency CARE documented an “alarming trend” of 670 education-related attacks in 2008, including murder and arson.


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Schoolgirls, teachers poisoned at Afghanistan high school

  1. Good questions…how much will we actually know (or want to know) about Afghanistan after the troops have left?

    Wouldn't surprise me if shortly thereafter the Taliban regains control and with foreign media and NGO's booted (or bombed) out of the country, we won't really hear much more about what goes on there. Many people won't care, just as they didn't care about Afghanistan before we went in there…and as long as none of "us" are being killed.

    Critics of our military involvement will cite the Taliban's return as proof of our failure in Afghanistan, proponents of our involvement will cite it as proof that we shouldn't have pulled out. Everybody's a winner as far as proving your position right.

    • You're quite right. Maybe I should have said "we won't know either way once the last western troops have come home."

      • I would like to think all the women and girls, and families in general, felt we made a difference, at least while we were there. I would hope even if the Taliban takes over, the seeds we will have planted in the minds of some of the populace (education, empowerment, decency) will make some kind of difference.

        I understand the losing battle, but for the women and girls, the battle seemed worth it.

  2. If we ship all the worlds feminist, human rights, and amnesty international activists to Afghanistan and Pakistan, the Taliban will be taking the next refugee ship to Canada asking for asylum. Where are they? Why we have not heard from them? Have they forgotten their convictions when they matter most? Or have they really lost their way?

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  5. Savages.

  6. I would suggest that we stop spending so much time training Afghan men to become police officers and soldiers…….

    and focus on teaching the WOMEN of afghanistan how to defend themselves. Free AK-47 training for all Afghani women!!!

    And we'll register all their weapons…..just to keep the Liberals happy.

  7. I wasn't kidding. Teach the Afghan women to defend themselves…..

    The next time the Taliban show up to complain about burqua's…..mow them down.