Scientists create human sperm

Could eventually eliminate the role of males in the reproductive process


Scientists at Newscastle University in the UK say they have created human sperm in the laboratory for the first time. The sperm, created in a test tube from the stem cells of a male embryo, promises radical new advances—for example, enabling infertile men to father their own children. But could also eventually eliminate the role of males in the reproductive process. The scientists themselves are posing the question of whether this is “the end of men.”

The Independent

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Scientists create human sperm

  1. Don't worry. They'll soon develop artificial wombs.

    • They already have you know.



      OH! and my favourite part of the article, SPOILER ALERT!

      ‘Some feminists even say artificial wombs mean men could eliminate women from the planet and still perpetuate our species.' :)

  2. Well the fact that a baby died – a 5 day old embryo that was not a test tube embryo – to make a sperm cell for another baby is something completely ignored in the ethical la la land of debating 'the end of men'. The paucity of this type of reporting, that does not even touch on the ethics of stem cell research when those cells are derived from human aborted babies, makes me sick. "We're making these cells to help infertile men" …out of healthy babies that are aborted…by healthy couples ….
    I want the death of this child in abortion to really be the "end of men". that way this one aborted child would live on forever in all of us.

  3. WE MUST CRUSH THIS!!! Take away their funding, burn all evidence, delete all records, kidnap and kill those who made the discovery and then bury this entire story under some celebrity scandal. Men can't become irrelevant !!!!!!

  4. If men are irrelevant to human breeding then – inherently so are women – as we are talking about ''human breeding''. There are a million things wrong with this very discussion and contradictions and major problems everywhere, however as this subject is only being discussed to humble women it is pointless wasting my time pointing them out.

    If a women – for instance – wanted to be mother & father of her own baby via the use of her own genes and the production of sperm in a lab then so be it, it wont end well. Having a child involves a man and a woman and on many levels it doesn't work without the two.

    How many poor women are hampered with the task of having to raise a child on their own?

    If people want to execute every possibility imaginable in the laboratory then let them, I'm staying human thanks…

  5. Keep your shirts on folks. Please try to remember that the medical care you benefit from today began because a few brave souls began to do research, including autopsies and dissections, which were not only illegal–but once carried the death penalty! From his very first dissection of an extremely aged man who died of no apparent cause, the genius Leonardo DaVinci, divined that the chief difference between the tissues of the old and young was that, in the latter, the fine blood vessels were far smoother and accommodated an easier flow of life-sustaining ciruculation. Essentially, he'd made the first diagnosis of arteriosclerosis five centuries ago! But only because someone bothered to look. Back then, he needed the Pope's intervention to do this research. The idea that the human body was too sacred to dissect had paralyzed medical knowledge for centuries. Yet, understanding basic bodily processes has always resulted in humane advances.

  6. The mistake women make is their (wrong) theory that all men actually care about future fatherhood. I'd have a heart attack if I found out my girlfriend was pregnant. The whole thing is something men generally get coerced into doing, by a nagging spouse.

    A world in which single women, create, look after and bring up babies, on their own- freeing up men to just play on the Xbox, sleep around, and frequent bars – well, it's some sort of magical dream.

    I just hope it happens in my lifetime.

    The whole serious relationship/marriage thing is a female driven thing. Most men would just play the field, and have a few girlfriends, if they could.

    An end to marriage, and traditional families.

    Who's going to care more, men or women?

    Seriously – I may send them a cheque, to speed up the research.

    Women working 9-5, cooking, cleaning, and solely creating and looking after children. But at the same time fancying men.

    That's some sweet dream. Hopping about from single mother to single mother

  7. Here here Stephen Gribble

    On a scale to 1-10, on how much I'd really care if women took care of the whole "keeping the human race going" thing, on their own – I'd give it a 2.

    Women will always need men – physically and mentally.

    They are just taking away yet another of the chores that we hate.

  8. In terms of stem cell research, all humans are irrelevant to human breeding.

    You can create an ovary just as easily as you can create a sperm, theoretically.

    Once they figure out how to grow a baby outside of a women, they could quite conceivabely create a baby without a mother.

    All stem cell research is changing one piece of organic matter, into something else

  9. I'm imaging a post apocalyptical world, where women create, and look after all human babies.

    While men watch sports, drink beer, and play on playstations.

    Both sexes meet up on pre-arragned nights, for carnal intervals.

    Where is this company by the way? I may contribute to their funding.

  10. I've got a list of all the useful discoveries and inventions that teh womens ever came up with. Lads your job is quite safe.

  11. The world would be at war if there were no men and women were
    in charge

    • Not true, they would just last longer and be more like the "Cold War".

  12. The thought that men could be become obsolete is hilarious. Single mothers raise messed up kids. Women cannot make the world advance and progress. In a world of female rule you can guarantee that all the important issues would be tidiied at the bottom of the pile in the wrong order.

    Sooner or later a man will invent an articial womb and all you women will become obsolete because women were soley placed on the earth as child bearers. Men were placed on the earth to hunt, teach, invent, progress, advance, build, make, create, destroy, alter, think, grow and inject their seeds into women.

  13. 'Sooner or later a man will invent an articial womb and all you women will become obsolete'- What would be the point of the human race then?

    since all children are either male or female, what would be the point in carrying on the human race if neither are needed?

    • Indeed – such is the stupidity of the feminist propaganda that has been following this story around like the bad smell feminism is.

      I have seen so many anti-male comments regarding this issue that i feel i have to stand in defense of men. Nobody can exist without both sexes doing what they were made to do. I have such a major problem with the feminist tinged bias of all media stories these days that i now have to raise a defense against it.

  14. If scientists can make men redundant, they will also make women irrelevant. Have you heard about men giving birth a child? Men and women will all become slaves because they will no longer be needed for their own reproduction. Some machine will be making more powerful creatures. What a world it will be?

  15. As a woman who considers herself a bit of a feminist, I find a lot of the chauvenistic comments on here highly ignorant and offensive… HOWEVER, I also believe that men could never be redundant. They are incredibly useful, and lets face it, sexy as hell. Also, physically, men are stronger than women, they are much more equipped for some of the essential tasks (manual work for example). There is nothing between men and women intellectually, in fact, the woman with the highest IQ was a Miss Vos Savant…
    The idea that either sex could become obsolete is absolute bollocks. It will never happen. You all read far too much into it – it's just another form of fertility treatment, and a huge step in medical science. Just imagine – if you can grow a sperm, why not part, or even all, of an organ…?

    Oh, And to those who really believe that women are nothing more than subservient housewife baby making machines – go back to your caravan and drunkenly beat your wifes you faggots.

  16. ''I find a lot of the chauvenistic comments on here highly ignorant and offensive''

    and in the same breath…

    ''go back to your caravan and drunkenly beat your wifes you faggots''


  17. By the way, I'm not trying to offend any women or white women with my comments. Note: My comments are ONLY directed at MAN-HATING FEMINIST women. If that s not you, then do not take offense. Thank you.