Scientists create the first “antilaser” -

Scientists create the first “antilaser”

Device can capture and cancel out laser beams


The laser was invented in 1960, and it’s used today in everything from CDs to laser pointers. But now US scientists have created the first “antilaser,” which can trap and cancel out a laser’s beam. This device works “like running a laser backwards,” Yale University’s A. Douglas Stone told Reuters, although it could be converted into electrical energy. The device will probably be used in next generation, high performance computers powered by light and electrical energy, he said. The antilaser could not be used as a potential laser shield, he noted. His findings appear in the journal Science.


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Scientists create the first “antilaser”

  1. Take that Dr. Evil!

  2. Love the second last sentence. ;-) Like they had to clarify that since we were all thinking it…

  3. "The antilaser could not be used as a potential laser shield, he noted."

    Yeah, but the aliens didn't know that. Now they do. Great. Genius my a**.

  4. Douglas Stone is a theorist so if this was "created" rather than imagined I would be surprised.

    It also seems like a lot of work to convert light to heat… carbon black does a pretty good job.

  5. Since it converts light into heat upon absorption, wouldn't that melt the computer circuits?

    • I believe there will be no silicon or transistors, computers will be made differently in the future. I wonder though if those heat could be used to charge and lengthen the working hours of a laptop's battery?

  6. An anti laser that is only half anti, what a concept! What other applications will benefit from this?

  7. As soon as i read the sentence " The antilaser could not be used as a potential laser shield" I lost all interest.

  8. straight from the aliens book of technology ghhawdd