Scientists develop vaccine that may help control autism symptoms -

Scientists develop vaccine that may help control autism symptoms


Researchers at the University of Guelph say they have developed the first vaccine that may treat some of the symptoms associated with autism.

The study by master’s student Brittany Pequegnat and Guelph chemistry professor Mario Monteiro appeared in the academic journal Vaccine this month, the university said in a press release issued Wednesday.

The finding came as the pair researched a vaccine for the gut bacteria Clostridium bolteae, which is often found in higher-than-usual numbers in children with autism.

About 75 per cent of children with autism suffer from gastrointestinal symptoms, including diarrhea. Eventually, this vaccine may help doctors treat such symptoms.

The vaccine could take up to 10 or more years to get through trials and become commercially available. “But this is a significant first step in the design of a multivalent vaccine against several autism-related gut bacteria,” Monteiro says in a release.

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Scientists develop vaccine that may help control autism symptoms

  1. Wow. Talk about a headline that sells a different story than the article. Perhaps I’m totally off the wall here, but when I see “help control autism symptoms”, I think behaviour, not diarrhea. Rewrite the hed, please.

    • Would have thought that too, but 90 per cent of autism suffers have gastrointestinal problems and this vaccine is designed to treat the specific ones associated with autism. The wording in the hed comes directly from the researchers themselves. Just because there are many of us in the general public who are ignorant about the full range of autism symptoms, doesn’t mean it’s wrong

      • I agree with elements of both of the above posters, however my first thought was that this implies a physical rather than behavioural test for autism should be possible.

  2. I hope that they’re saying that if the vaccine prevents the cause of the gastrointestinal symptoms, it will also prevent or treat the autism symptoms.

  3. Gr8!!!! its good to hear about this vaccine but will it prevent or treat the autism symptoms.