Scientists hold mock funeral for ‘evidence’ on Parliament Hill


Hundreds of scientists clad in black made a sober march to Parliament Hill today, where they gathered to mourn the ‘death’ of something they knew well and loved: evidence.

Ottawa scientists organized the protest, which was orchestrated to look like a funeral, to oppose was what they say is a deliberate campaign by the federal government campaign to reduce the capacity of federal institutions to collect evidence and bring it forward to inform citizens.

They were provoked by the elimination of the mandatory long-form census last year, and recent closure of a laboratory that monitors climate change in Nunavut.

Organizer Katie Gibbs told the CBC that regardless of political ideology, the importance of facts is something all Canadians should agree to preserve:

“Regardless of the decisions that the government decides to make, our democracy depends on an informed public.”

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Scientists hold mock funeral for ‘evidence’ on Parliament Hill

  1. I agree that democracy depends on an informed public.

    At the same time, you have also defined why the Harper govt is so secretive.

    • And why he always makes sure to have minders ready on a moment’s notice. They act as his eyes and ears in case the scientist gets any funny ideas.

  2. homogenous scat…waste not, want not…get a job whiners!

    • Says he to the scientists whose work was to design and build the telecom lasers and fiber network that allowed you post this self-upvoted proof of idiocy:

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