Scientists produce four clones of Dolly the sheep

Genetic twin of original cloned sheep alive and well in England


Four clones of Dolly the sheep, the original cloned sheep, are alive and doing well at Nottingham University in England. Known as the “Dollies,” the four sheep are pets of Professor Keith Campbell, a scientist who was part of the team who first cloned Dolly in 1996. Dolly was able to be recreated after scientists discovered they could convert her adult sheep cell into an embryo. She was put down in 2003 after contracting lung disease, and for years prior suffered numerous health issues, including premature arthritis.

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Scientists produce four clones of Dolly the sheep

  1. we all know the new dollies will suffer the same fate that the first one had. its all just cruel really

    • Who is "we?"

      • How should I know?

        • Dolly the sheep was probably actually the second or third sheep cloned, just the first publicised.

  2. We've come a long way since Dolly.

    It's a necessary learning process.

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