Scientists say BP oil spill is the world's largest -

Scientists say BP oil spill is the world’s largest

Estimate now at 5 million barrels


Scientists have confirmed that the BP disaster is the worlds’ largest oil spill. U.S. federal scientists estimate that since the Horizon rig exploded on April 20, nearly five million barrels of oil have gushed from the rig. The 3.3 million barrel spill into the Bay of Campeche by the Mexican rig Ixtoc in 1979 was believed to be the largest spill. Though the BP spill was acknowledged to be the largest in American history, it was unclear whether it was bigger than Ixtoc. Since April, the estimates of the BP flow rate have steadily increased. Under the Clean Water Act, the U.S. government will penalize BP $1,100 a barrel. If the government finds that gross negligence led to the spill they could be charged $4,300 per barrel. Today, BP is undergoing tests to decide whether it’s safe to drill mud into the Macando well and seal it by the end of the week. That will curb the oil gush until the relief wells are operating. The relief wells are scheduled to work by Aug. 15, at which time engineers can pump cement into the well in the hopes of permanently sealing it.

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Scientists say BP oil spill is the world’s largest

  1. I am so tired of the phrase "scientists say…" I'm getting to the point of not caring what scientists say as they will say anything to get more funding and there is a point when you don't need "a scientist" to confirm the obvious. Furthermore after the blatant heading "Scientists say BP OIl Spill is the world's largest", it then goes on to say "was believed to be the largest spill", "it was unclear whether it was bigger than Ixtoc" and the article has given little indication of why the scientists were needed at all to confirm this fact. All in all, a very silly article.

  2. I thought the Persian Gulf War was supposed to be the largest "spill" in recorded history at roughly 8,000,000 barrels. Then again many Americans think of their history as being world history, so I can see why "America's Largest Oil Spill" is confusing for some with the "World's Largest Oil Spill".

    If you look at the information that hasn't been reported, this scientific estimate says the average over the 100+ day leak is10x the initial BP estimate released in April.