Scouts Canada finally apologizes

Blanket statement to sexual abuse victims receives mixed response


Scouts Canada’s blanket apology to anyone who was sexually abused by its volunteer leaders has met with praise and criticism from sexual-abuse counselors and former victims. Steve Kent, the organization’s chief commissioner, said in a video and written statement that the organization “sincerely and deeply” apologizes to any and all former scouts who suffered harm at the hands of leaders. The organization has been under pressure to respond to allegations that it kept confidential lists of known pedophiles associated with Scouting and kept the abuse suppressed by signing confidentiality agreements with victims. While sexual abuse counselors have praised the cathartic benefit of a public statement, a few former victims have come forward to say it’s “too little, too late.” Scouts Canada’s promise to review its child protection policies also was greeted with skepticism, with one lawyer calling it “a whitewash.”


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Scouts Canada finally apologizes

  1. Of course, the lawyers are running out of Churches to sue and are looking for a new victim.

    Scouts Canada had the courage to admit something happened in the past and did something about it, proving YET AGAIN why it is Canada’s leading youth organization.  Other organizations should do the same.

    Mind you, hopefully the CBC won’t air the same uncited misrepresented “reporting” on other organizations.  Nobody deserves a CBC smear job.

  2. Scouts
    Canada has been a positive part of many children growing up in Canada. The
    apology from the organization may be late in coming but at least they have done
    more than other organizations and government agencies. The Ontario Government
    has known for over five years that repeat sex offenders and other criminals have
    been given the right to teach in Ontario Schools by the Ontario College of
    Teachers. Justice Patrick LeSage has been given
    the duty to review the Ontario College of Teachers “process” but has not been
    given authority to seek out evidence to lay charges against the Unions, School
    Board Representatives, Lawyers and Administrators under section 421.1 (1) of
    the Criminal Code of Canada. It is a sad day when good teachers and children
    are silenced by the self serving interests of an authorized organization of the
    Province of Ontario. Scouts Canada, good for you, now what about Ontario

  3. I love how the CBC has bothered to include a report on all the good Scouts Canada has done many more thousands of people than those who were abused. But you know…that would be impartial journalism (and good journalism for that matter). Can’t have the CBC reporting fairly now can we…

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