Scrubs away the shame -

Scrubs away the shame

Detergent company introduces Facebook app to remove embarrassing pics


Who knows whether it’s really an effective Facebook application or just an ingenious marketing campaign. But the folks at Wisk, the detergent brand some of us still remember for its “Ring around the collar!” 1970s TV ads, is providing Facebookers with an efficient way of removing those shameful pics of you on New Years Eve that your cruel sister subsequently uploaded. As the New York Times reports, the application, to be released this week and called Wisk-It, “assembles a friend’s photographs (you can limit it to tagged pictures of you, or pull all of her photos), lets you identify the pictures you’d like the friend to remove, and then send a request her way. When the friend installs Wisk-It, it pulls up the offending photos and asks her to delete them.”
New York Times

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Scrubs away the shame

  1. This is either going to be brilliantly effective or a giant bomb. Notwithstanding the permanency of what ends up on the interwebs, this actually sounds like an interesting app (and useful, given the collective societal judgement lapse when it comes to photographs).

  2. it's not going to work that well if your friend has to install it, quite likely they will just hit "ignore"

  3. I think it sounds great! Anything to help remove unwanted photos sounds good to me. Genius! I agree!