Second Swiss bobsled pilot withdraws -

Second Swiss bobsled pilot withdraws

And then there was one


After a frightening bobsled crash this morning, one of several on the controversial Whistler Sliding Centre track during training today, Swiss pilot Daniel Schmid is withdrawing from competition.

His departure not long after the withdrawal of teammate Beat Hefti leaves only world champion Ivo Rueegg among the Swiss in contention. And it does little to help soften the reputation of the Whistler track, where 21-year-old Georgian luger Nodar Kumaritashvili died in a crash a week ago today, as a foreboding place.

The Swiss team said Schmid, a relatively inexperienced driver, would not compete for safety reasons; yet there is word his misadventures on the track left him too badly shaken to continue in contention.

Though Schmid appeared to emerge from this morning’s crash, his second this week, relatively unscathed, brakeman Juerg Egger is now under observation in a Vancouver hospital.


Second Swiss bobsled pilot withdraws

  1. So this track was designed to be "exciting". But the luge players think it's too dangerous. It seems no-one was consulted when the course was designed. They took the fun out of it because of their own egos wanting it exciting. Just like those two hidden jumps on the downhill.

    I think the participants safety should me paramount, not exciting trip-ups for the cameraman to exploit.
    If more entries would just quit for safety reasons these egotistical designers would be replaced and a new set of standards would be implemented.

    I know these posts are being read by the powers that be, I saw the addition to two pro speakers yesterday commenting on the woman's half-pipe replacing two jerks from the day before who didn't understand the judging criteria at all, leaving we viewers bewildered. I applaud Schmid and Egger for their efforts and putting safety first, where it belongs.

  2. Some of these sports are dangerous. That's all there is to it. If you don't want to get hurt then go slower and forget about a medal. What would this people have them do? Put all the bobsleds on rails so all that matters is whose sled is the most aerodynamic?