Secret Service nearly shot LBJ in 1963 -

Secret Service nearly shot LBJ in 1963

Co-author of new book says he accidentally pointed loaded gun at U.S. president hours after JFK assassination


A former Secret Service agent says he nearly accidentally shot Lyndon Johnson in the hours that followed the assassination of John F. Kennedy. In The Kennedy Detail, Gerald Blaine says he’d been assigned to protect LBJ’s home the night after the Kennedy assassination when he heard someone approaching him, prompting Blaine to activate the bolt on the top of his submachine gun. “The next instant there was a face to go with the footsteps,” according to the third-person account in The Kennedy Detail. “The new president of the United States, Lyndon Baines Johnson, had just rounded the corner, and Blaine had the gun pointed directly at the man’s chest … A split second later, Blaine would have pulled the trigger.”

USA Today

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Secret Service nearly shot LBJ in 1963

  1. If LBJ would have been shot , and killed ,who would have to take charge of the Country ? A Secretary General, A Brigadiere General ?…Honest Question here…..

      • I now know ''The List ''…..Thankyou.

        • That's why the speaker of the house it's always a big deal!

  2. The Speaker of the House of Representatives comes after the Vice-President in succession.

  3. That sounds incredible.

    Incredible that the new President, a day after the assassination of his predecessor, should have such freedom of movement as to "surprise" a Secret Service agent on his protection detail.

    Incredible that anyone, whether an agent or not, who pointed a weapon at the new President, was still alive a minute after that event.

    • I doubt that would ever happen in this day and age.

      • Imagine if it did happen, man, that poor guy would have never lived that down and convince people it was accidental!

        • Agree… Then there would have to be an inquiry into the matter, and an inquiry into the inquiry of the matter, then a debate about the inquiry, then a public hearing about the debate, then a…………

          • And the conspiracy theories, who was behind it and why, truly, that guy can thank his lucky stars!

  4. Now we're talking, conspiracy theories…I like those, we have not had a really ,really good, Oscar worthy, Best selling ,list one of them for a long time….hmmmm?

  5. While in office, Pearson resisted U.S. pressure to enter the Vietnam War. Pearson spoke at Temple University in Philadelphia on April 2, 1965, while visiting the United States, and voiced his support for a negotiated settlement to the Vietnam War. When he visited U.S. President Lyndon B. Johnson the next day, Johnson strongly berated Pearson. Johnson grabbed Pearson by the lapels, shook him, and shouted "Dammit, Les, you pissed on my rug!"
    Fast forward , Chretien stood up to Bush and avoided our involvement in Iraq.
    LBJ extended the Vietnam war with the attendant useless carnage.
    Most Canadians miss the days when our Prime Ministers stood up for Canada and what is right.