Secret spaceship flies

The U.S Air Force launches its X-37B Orbital Test Vehicle


A small white and black plane resembling a miniature, unmanned version of the space shuttle was launched into orbit from Cape Canaveral last night. The U.S. Air Force has revealed very little about the nature of the flight or how long the ship (which is about 30 ft long and 10 ft tall) will remain in space, only explaining that it will be testing navigation, guidance, thermal protections and autonomous operation in orbit, re-entry and landing. It’s widely believed the craft is being used to test new weapons systems. In
a statement on Thursday, the Air Force stated only that “this launch helps ensure that our warfighters will be provided the capabilities they need in the future.” The secretive X-37B program is thought to have cost hundreds of millions of dollars.

Wall Street Journal

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Secret spaceship flies

  1. the wall street journal wrote this article? okay space secrets in a financial journal and such, more meat to the story please! now my neighbor who is considered a well informed open minded academic suggested…alien contact and monitoring of such…firewalls maybe? we might never know and cover ups are the usual zing for the spacers

  2. Its about time something cool came out, the news has been all doom and gloom for years now.

  3. Perhaps they put a monkey in it– besides all the tech stuff!!!!

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