Security bill for 2010 Games comes in at $854 million -

Security bill for 2010 Games comes in at $854 million

Feds pick up nearly three-quarters of the tab


The security bill for the 2010 Olympics in Vancouver totalled $854 million. Of that amount, $647.5 million (or 72 per cent) was paid by the federal government with the province picking up the rest. The sum is only slightly larger than the $676 million Ottawa spent on security for the three-day G8 and G20 summits in Ontario this past June, but is much higher than the initial estimate of $175 million from when the Games were awarded.

Vancouver Sun

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Security bill for 2010 Games comes in at $854 million

  1. Best games ever!!!

  2. Initial estimate of $175 million but at the end of the day it cost $854 million. We were lied to or our bean counters should be replaced. To add insult to injury some of the security that cost us so much ended up stealing and shop lifting.
    Had we known the real cost I say we should have refused to host the games. We have the biggest greatest deficit in our history and Harper keeps spending like a drunken sailor.

    • Much changed in the world between the initial bid process in 1998 until the games. Edmonton being turned down for funds for their World's Fair bid due to high security costs is the reality.

  3. The "feds' pick up nothing. We pick it up.Did you have a say in it? I think not.

    • You deserve an "I told you so". Sad that these world events require so much money to be spent on security now. The athlete's village could have been a money maker had they sold them all as high-end timing the bounce back in the market and increase in overseas buyers. Vancouver would have ended up with nearly twice the money to spend on social housing as well.