Security tightened at NATO airfield in Kandahar

Insurgents have launched three major attacks in six days


After ground attacks Saturday night against NATO’s largest military base in Southern Afghanistan, the International Security Assistance Force is stepping up security on the airfield base. Although no one was killed in the four-hour attack, civilians and soldiers were injured as insurgents attempted to break through the northern perimeter. The insurgents have increased their efforts, this being the third major assault on a NATO base in six days, and ground attacks such as this have been very rare.

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Security tightened at NATO airfield in Kandahar

  1. Just what we need to do. The Taliban won't give up unless we give them a reason to. we need to step up and decrease the number of attacks and deaths on our Army.

  2. Security should of been tight after the first attacks this week.

  3. you people obviously dont understand the dynamics of whats going on in afghanistan … security is always tight everywhere theve just doubled the efforts which puts nore strain on our forces increasinbg the chance of complacency related injuries and death

  4. Get to hell out of there and we wont have to wory about it.

  5. Unfortunately as the death toll mounts, only one solution can be resolved from all of this. To cease all combat efforts in Afghanistan and remain in Kabul in a diplomatic presence.

    This war in can not be won on the battle fields. First there are no battle fields. There are no grounds to gain or hills to capture. This isn't about borders but ideals.

    The progress it takes to achieve can not be obtained over night, or by 2011. It is possible for change in Afghanistan but keeping our forces there is a waste of our military's resources and our tax payers dollars.

    All signs show that this war is not helping the people. Is Afghanistan a safer country, no. Too little is done too late, the time to act was years ago. Now 'victory' is unattainable.

    I have hope for the younger generations in this land. Many have had the access to western, news, culture and ideas. Perhaps in the decades ahead these children can provide a stabler country, provided by the soldiers, aid workers and others from Canada and other nations.

    Canada has done enough. If the rich oil execs would like a back drop to keep the world distracted while they rape this land of it's natural resources, they can call on the private military contractors. I'm sure they can afford it.

    And this is not blind, foolish anti-war rhetoric. I am a veteran who served there and know first hand what our forces are doing and are not doing.

    Build the schools and the hospitals. Install the local and federal governments. It still can not change or influence a nation that is bent on poverty, corruption and fear. And if you don't want to look any further at this beautiful land and it's people. Look to Pakistan and the former/current US Administration for giving us no support and doing everything in their powers to encourage this war from across it's border.

  6. If there was an airfield anywhere on the planet that could not have had its security tightened any further, do you know which one I might suggest it was?

  7. Great news if we can save the half billion.

    • Better news if we hadn't pissed away 3.5 billion as dizzyingly fast as possible in the first place.

  8. I don't see what the problem is. Even the unfunded projects have those big blue signs already on display. Think of it as frugal pork barelling.

  9. It appears the government is holding to its position that it will pull funding from projects under construction that fail to meet the deadline. My guess is this is largely a bluff. Isolated pillars intended to support a bridge will make a powerful image of mismanagement in the next election. However, the outcome will no doubt be the skirting of corners to attempt to meet the deadline.

  10. So 2% of available stimulus funds might not get spent. How long before someone in the media labels this yet another "crisis"? Infrastructure funding crisis. Has a nice ring to it.

    • depends who you are listening to

      Industry Canada says 2% of projects are at risk of missing deadline although 17% are more than one month behind
      Kevin Page says $500 million out of $4 billion (more than 2%) is at risk.

      • AT RISK???!???? By that does everyone mean at risk of NOT appearing on our children's ledger, in red ink, with interest?

        I will happily take that risk.

        • it means half built and abandoned

          • Depending on the project, that might be just as well, anyways.

            But if the project couldn't have abided by the funding terms in the first place, maybe it should never have started. Which brings us back to MYL's chorus, feel free to sing along: it is wholly irresponsible to decide to throw around borrowed money as fast as insanely possible…

          • Well if your goal is to minimize the wastage of Canadian taxpayer dollars, then you have to make the call based on today's reality.

            On the other hand, if you want to rub your hands with glee and gloat how you were right all along, I completely understand.

          • It seems today's reality will have people clamoring for bad money to be thrown after worse. Whoop. Dee. Doo.

            And it's not glee, Stu. It'sad resignation, and a pathetic vain hope that maybe somebody will pay attention the next time.

          • Great post, sound effects, italics, and a new & useful bi-contraction/compound word!

          • That's the nicest compliment I have ever received over a typo. Thanks for that.

  11. The problem is not that we're "saving 500 million". The problem is that money owed by projects in progress and not completed by that date will have to be paid for by someone other than the Federal Government… or the Provinces 'cause they get to bail too when the Fed's back out….

    Which means it falls to the Cities/Districts/Counties/Towns to come up with the cash. Enjoy your new property taxes!

  12. The recession is not over. We should be increasing the stimulus and spending in where it does most good. That will get us out of the recession. Then we can get on with having balanced budgets and reducing the debt.

    • Ugh. Not another Keynesian mole to whack. They're everywhere!

      • Well, there are a lot of fat people in suits who stand to gain when government money is spent irresponsibly.

        • Well, the late 00's have been very good for fat people in suits, then.

  13. Stimulus spending should be reined in, otherwise it will be a cycle of owing money to pay what we owed. Even I got confused with that statement.

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