See no evil, hear no evil -

See no evil, hear no evil

Conservatives MPs boycott hearings into Afghan detainee controversy


Conservative MPs skipped a Parliamentary committee meeting on Wednesday that was supposed to delve further into the simmering controversy over the handling of Afghan detainees. None of the government’s seven representatives on the committee, including committee chair Rick Casson, showed up. Angry opposition MPs denounced the Conservative boycott as indicative of the government’s contempt for Parliament. “This government is actually interfering with the privileges of members of Parliament,” said NDP MP Paul Dewar, “and, in so doing, is making Parliament dysfunctional in being able to go about its job.” For his part, the parliamentary secretary to Defence Minister Peter MacKay, Conservative MP Laurie Hawn, has dismissed the hearings as “partisan political games,” but if the Tories were hoping to will the Afghan detainee controversy into obscurity, diplomat Richard Colvin could soon make that an increasingly difficult task. On Wednesday, Colvin, whose memos from Afghanistan sparked the debate into the treatment of prisoners, will release a 20-page rebuttal to the government’s claims it received no “credible allegations” of torture in Afghanistan until 2007.

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See no evil, hear no evil

  1. I don't see why anyone would expect the Conservatives to participate in what is nothing but a Liberal witch hunt.

    • I think people expect the government to respect Parliament. As soon as the government stop respecting the will of Parliament, we stop living in a democracy and start living in a dictatorship.

    • If it's nothing more than a 'witch hunt' (by the way, the NDP and Bloq are pushing this issue too), don't you trust Canadians to see it as such and punish the opposition parties for wasting time?

      • Good point, actually. Canadians are generally known for not liking to see people beat down unfairly. So if this committee was going to do that, good strategy would suggest that the Harper minions show up, take their drubbing, and let the Canadian public provide their revenge in the next election.

    • Turns out, aliens killed JFK because they wanted the Colonel's secret recipe to die with him.

  2. The problem is basically Harper , Hillier, and Mackay really do not give a hoot if the detainees were or are tortured. The Americans have no reservations about handing over prisoners knowing full well of the consequences in terms of abuse. If we have no respect for the Geneva Conventions have we not become what we were supposed to be fighting against. Mistreating captives has not made us safer and it will be a long time before our national image recovers from leaders who allowed "never" and "under no circumstances" to be replaced with the tripe espoused by Bush Cheney … "except to the extent that military necessity required otherwise." Unfortunately mini me Bush aka Harper does not believe in the rule of law . Colvin had nothing to gain personally by coming forward other than to expose some very ugly un Canadian behavior . He is a Canadian hero .

  3. The plan is to implement the Big Stall: their hope is that, by the New Year, all of this will be forgotten. (Look! The Olympics are on TV!) The Conservatives are hoping that the news media will be following newer stories by the time Parliament sits again.

    Assuming, of course, that it does – the Conservatives seem to think that the trappings of democracy are inconveniences to be gotten around or ignored. At times, it seems as though they are offended by the opposition's having the colossal nerve to insist on trying to actually oppose. Fortunately, the Canadian system of government doesn't provide a way for the Conservatives to invoke Clause 14(a) of some statute or other and declare that Harper is to be President For Life.