Seen and heard at the Travers Debates

Discuss amongst yourselves: ‘Be it resolved that Canada is a democracy in name only’



Seen and heard at the Travers Debates

  1. Catch that 4 sure. Nice to see the chattering classes having some fun and obviously caring about their subjects. Caring seems to be too much like hard work for so many these days.

  2. Be it resolved.

    Andrew Coyne never sees the forest through the trees.

  3. It’s interesting that a room full of people who embody the problem all agree on the problem.

  4. Macleans — Your picture of @acoyne is on par with the picture of Robert Stanfield eating a banana. WTF did he do to you to deserve this?

    • Hey, somebody mentioned mandatory lifejackets for boaters and his face just automatically does that.

    • LOL: he left MacLean’s for NP! Seriously looks like a still from “12 Angry Men.”

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