Sell the Vatican -

Sell the Vatican


Sarah Silverman has a new video, with a proposal to end world hunger. It’s ok, but it it’s no Great Shlep. Her authenticated Twitter feed, however, is great.

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Sell the Vatican

  1. Blaming the Vatican for the Holocaust? Anyway, why stop at the Vatican, why not sell the Taj Mahal, Temple Mount, Angkor Wat, and even Tiaanamen Square, Buckingham Palace, the Eiffel Tower, the White House, Sarah Silverman's house… the list goes on.

  2. Selling all the past and future benefits of the production of Sarah Silverman and Jimmy kimmel would feed significant numbers of people.

    Given he video, there is no reason why she shouldnt be willing to enter indentured servitude to the poor of the world. Once she had done this then I might take some of her suggestions, including the real intention seriously.

    But until there is some real sacrifice on her part, I wouldnt take her call for sacrifice on the aprt of anyone else even vaguely seriously.

    I much prefer her when she is sing about F***ing Matt Damon….it is funnier.