Senate Finance Committee approves health care bill -

Senate Finance Committee approves health care bill

Debate over health insurance now headed to Congress


The U.S. Senate’s Finance Committee passed a mammoth $829 billion health care bill on Tuesday that’s expected to provide health insurance to an additional 29 million Americans. Among the reforms it includes are subsidies to help poorer Americans afford insurance, the establishment of nonprofit health care cooperatives, and the creation of health insurance exchanges to make it easier for small groups and individuals to buy insurance. However, unlike the other four bills put forward by Congressional panels, the Finance Committee’s proposal does not include a so-called public option (or government-managed plan). Sen. Olympia Snowe, a Republican from Maine, was the only committee member to cross party lines and vote in favour of the bill alongside Democrats.


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Senate Finance Committee approves health care bill

  1. Unfortunately, without a public option–Medicare for all would be one–the private insurers will continue to do what they do.
    The health insurance market is no more likely to lower costs through competition than is the credit card market to lower fees through competition–on the contrary, just as credit card interest in the US has reached rates that used to go beyond usurious to gangland rackets (25%), thanks to Bush deregulation, so health insurance costs have increased. I'm a small businessperson but I find the costs of each employees' health insurance, $13,000US per year, to be increasing and further burdened by the same limits on service and bureaucracy that the health insurance lobbyists claim are the exclusive province of federalisation. We've been looking for coverage for our sons as they graduate and find the "plans" on the "open market" involve either deductibles of 5-7,000 USD or 20% copays on everything–hospitalizations, MRI's, etc!
    The average university student leaves with a large amount of debt. In a still recessionary economy they won't have a job with benefits, let alone a job that allows them to service their college debt, pay living expenses, and then pay 400-1000USD per month for health insurance, let alone the deductibles or copays should they, G-d forbid, be seriously sickened.
    The insurance clacques of FoxNews and now even CNN have been great at spreading fear that "your benefits will be ruined if the Obamacare is passed," such that many whose kids don't qualify for any insurance still oppose it!

    I say let any US federal legislator who says we don't need a public plan should have the b—- to go off the US Congressional healthcare plan and buy on the open market. If they think the open market is so wonderful, let them live the life of the rest of the U.S.

  2. maybe the federal government in canada should stop interfering in provincial health care and allow us to have an overhaul based on each provinces needs