Senate pages and bagpipes -

Senate pages and bagpipes



The new Senate pages were recently sworn in with pomp and bagpipes. Here are some of them with Senator Marjory LeBreton, Leader of the Government in the Senate.


Some of the pages.







The mace and Senate Speaker Noël Kinsella.



Senate pages and bagpipes

  1. I think the House of Commons pages are a better bunch.
    Try putting something about them for a change. The Senate is overrated.

    • I wholeheartedly agree.

    • Of course, the problem with that is that they are very, very, very well guarded by the administrators of the HoC Page Programme, which would make features like these infinitely trickier….

      • seriously? you do realize that when you say “the HoC Pages are a better bunch” you insult all 15 of the incredible young people who work very hard at their jobs and who achieved a great deal in being selected for a highly sought after honour.

        I respect your right to express your opinion about the Senate as an institution, but save your sneers for the politicians, and leave these young people out of it.

        • Have you ever seen the Senate pages in action in comparison to the HoC pages? They sure work hard at opening those doors for Senators, let me tell you. That’s not meant as a slight against the pages in the least, but the whole “work very hard at their jobs” rubbed me the wrong way.

          I was more in agreement with the fact that I wish people would write more features about the HoC pages. Perhaps it’s because the Programme guards the pages very closely, but it seems to mee that you don’t hear about them as much. HoC pages are just as scrutinized, if not moreso, than Senate pages during the selection process, and to highlight one group and not the other’s is just as much of a slight as the comment that offended you in the first place.

          • Both programs have their advantages and disadvantages. Comparing them would rather be inappropriate since they both have a very different structure. Senate pages do not only work in the chamber, they have many other duties such as Senate Committees, several special events where they most oversee the good functioning (Encounters, Parlement Jeunesse…) and a myriad of different page committees. Before making any comments, one should get the proper information and not limit their vision to appearances. Many faux-pas were made when that path was followed. As for the selection process: both are legitimate and both select young Canadians who care for their nation and strive to learn more about the Canadian politics.

        • Haughty young people they are. GAG.

          • IF I can comment back to you “verifying before witting” – I know young people who attended Encounters and the Senate pages did absolutely nothing, OH but wait, the House of commons pages did!!
            Also, how do you know House pages don’t work in committees? I think they do!! Ya, those ‘myrad’ of other page committees, because there are so many committees that little 18 year old pages sit on.

  2. Reading these comments, I am quite appalled by the lack of knowledge demonstrated. Most of the pages are well above the age of majority (finishing undergraduate degrees or higher) and do work closely with senior staff on multiple projects. They are more marketable than many other average Canadian employees and can contribute significantly to working groups. I think it to be inappropriate to denigrate their contributions in order to uplift those of the House of Commons pages. Both serve a purpose and both deserve to be recognized.

    • How are they marketable exactly? In reference to the skills??
      To MP’s and Senators who like to have something nice to look at while they “slave” away in the House of Commons and Senate?

  3. Hmmm, about the HoC pages being 'more scrutinized' than Senate Pages during selection process: WRONG. I've been a candidate for both programs and the Senate Page process was by far the toughest.